Daily BW Systems Checklist

This list of transactions is designed to guide a Basis Admin team member through the process of keeping tabs on major systems issues and root cause issues and trends for each system in the landscape.

This will only identify and help triage issues to Helpdesk, Infrastructure, OS team or DBA team, Basis or functional developers or whomever…but guarantees that each system in a landscape gets a regular, weekly look. The goal is to eliminate root causes of repeating issues. Read more

Configuring and Using the Maintenance Optimizer

After viewing this presentation you will…

  • Learn about the Maintenance Optimizer in SAP Solution Manager 7.0, the new tool for downloading maintenance updates for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 applications.
  • Obtain a step-by-step guide to the technical configuration process to set up the Maintenance Optimizer.
  • Gain insight into why it’s best and simplest to implement ST-ICO along with the latest support package stack before beginning to set up the Maintenance Optimizer.
  • See how to use the Maintenance Optimizer to download, for example, Support Package Stacks.
  • Discover how to upgrade your Solution Manager’s support package stacks to the highest available level before starting to configure the Maintenance Optimizer.

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Using Master Data in Business Intelligence

Master data is reference data about an organization’s core business entitles. These entities include people (customers, employees, suppliers), things (products, assets, ledgers), and places (countries, cities, locations). The applications and technologies used to create and maintain master data are part of a master data management (MDM) system. MDM, however, involves more that applications and technologies, it also requires an organization to implement policies and procedures for controlling how master data is created and used. Read more

Free HR User Tutorials from SAP Journals You Should Not Miss!

Following @MGILLET on Twitter, i have noticed two great links to SAP HCM tutorials provided by him. If you have not seen yet, i had created a limited list of SAP People to Follow on Twitter topic for your reference a while ago. So what you will find in these tutorials ? Following are the titles from the documents:

  • Identify Locked Personnel Numbers before Executing Payroll Runs
  • Using Variants for Simplifying Data Input – A Guide for SAP HR Users and Consultants
  • Quickly Access Complex IMG Paths via Direct Transaction Codes
  • Time Evaluation Made Easy
  • Employee Quick Search Shortcut Strings
  • Recording Changes Made in Personnel Development Infotypes
  • Dynamic Actions – Valuable Tips and Tricks

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Web Dynpro: Context Mapping and Model Binding

With the launch of the NetWeaver platform, SAP introduces a new framework for developing browser based user interfaces, Web Dynpro. As it claims to be the user interface technology for all applications within the scope of NetWeaver, it comprises many complex concepts, such as a generic, platform independent meta model oriented on the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Web Dynpro allows the separation of design decisions, navigation issues and data modelling, which includes the concepts to store and transport data inside an application. Context Mapping and Model Binding, mentioned in the title, are twomechanismfor data passing inWeb Dynpro. Nevertheless this paper focuses not only on these issues, but also explains the basic principles concerning data management. Read more

Comprehensive SAP Query User Guide

This paper makes an expedition to the electric data repository of the company, the data warehouse, possessing an objective to extract the desired, hidden data from the system and finally represent it on a single report. A specific focus will be on the SAP Query-tool; blessing for those you do not have the talent to utilise the complicated ABAP-coding. SAP Query tools enable the end-user to select desired data from the system, make simple calculations and then present this data on a report. But is the Query tool powerful enough to correspond to the demanded requirements?

Illustrated by a case study and screenshots, the paper explains how, when and by whom the query-function is used, what possibilities it offers, what other options it has and finally evaluates the pros and cons of the tool. The acquired information will later be applied to other processes, possessing an objective to speed up the evaluation of the duration of the processes, calculations of their costs, and to further provide the customers more accurate information. Read more

Solution Guide to Incorrect Material Movement in SAP – An Approach to COGI Errors

The theoretical part of this study deals with materials handling, especially from the viewpoint of effective warehouse operation. Other issues addressed in the theoretical part consist of warehouse management, goods reception, the Just-in-Time approach to production and Material Requirements Planning.

The problems related to the incorrect material movements are specified and presented in the present situation description. A description of the processes where material movements are involved is also included in the section. Read more