BEx Query Designer Presentations for Beginners

The BEx-Query Designer is used to prepare analysis – known as queries – of all data stored in the SAP BW. The Query Designer can be invoked via the Web or from MS Excel or can be installed as a desktop application. After the Query Designer has been started, the Open dialog allows a fast access to the InfoProviders in the SAP BW and the queries already present.

This presentation package consists of the following topics:

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to BW Reporting: You will be introduced to BW architecture and objects used in SAP BW: InfoObject, InfoCube, Infoprovider and ODS…
  • Unit 2 – BEx query Designer: This presentations gives a brief definition of BEx Query Designer and basic steps required to create, change and display a Query
  • Unit 3 – Calculated and Restricted KEy Figures: Learn what Calculated and Restricted Key Figures are and know their properties. Structures and Cell Editor also covered in this unit
  • Unit 4 – Properties and Attributes of Characteristics: Get a brief overview of Attributes and properties of the Display Hierarchy
  • Unit 5 – Variables: Learn what variables are used in Query Designer
  • Unit 6 – Query Properties: After reading this unit you will be able to understand the purpose of setting parameters under General, Display and Extended properties.
  • Unit 7 – Exceptions and Conditions: What are Exceptions and Conditions ? Read this unit and learn how to create them.

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How to Display Menu and IMG Path for New GL

To display the menu for the new General Ledger and the IMG path for implementing the new General Ledger, proceed as follows.

  1. Execute the following step in the IMG (Implementation Guide):
    Transaction SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Activate New General Ledger Accounting. This is identical to transaction code FAGL_ACTIVATION. This creates the necessary entry in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC. The entry in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC is not only the activation indicator. It also saves information about, for example, document splitting.
    Customizing of New General Ledger Accounting is now enabled, the system now displays the IMG path and new General Ledger application menu.
  2. Immediately after step 1), deactivate the new General Ledger again in transaction FAGL_ACTIVATION. The necessary entry remains in the table FAGL_ACTIVEC. If the new General Ledger is not active in any other client of this system, the IMG path disappears again.
  3. Run the report RFAGL_SWAP_IMG_NEW. As a result, the system displays the path in the IMG again

Visual Composer Installation and Configuration Guide

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer provides a development environment for rapidly creating and adapting model-based transactional and analytical applications. It can be used by a range of users – from business analysts to experienced developers – to create enterprise applications using standardized components that meet SAP standards and quality criteria. As the organization’s business objectives evolve, these applications can be subsequently customized and continuously changed using Visual Composer.

Visual Composer is delivered and installed as an integral part of the EP usage type that is part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0. The Visual Composer client accesses Visual Composer Storyboard through a web browser with network access to the Visual Composer server. Read more

How to Execute Report Painter Reports Properly

Report Painter reports are available throughout your SAP system, including for reporting in FI, Controlling (CO), Project System (PS), Funds Management (FI-FM), and Logistic Information System (LIS). From a technical perspective, you can assign one or multiple Report Painter reports to a report group. You can then execute the report group using transaction GR55.

However, most organizations prefer to assign report authorizations by transaction code and therefore create individual transaction codes for each report. Then you have to transport the new transaction throughout the system landscape to execute the Report Painter report in your different systems (e.g., development or production).  Read more


Make-To-Stock Scenario with Production Versions and Kanban Processing

The objective of this tutorial is to provide an overview of the extended functions in the Make-To-Stock Scenario with Production Versions and Kanban Processing in the IM&C industry.

The scenario Make-to-Stock (MTS) with Production Versions and Kanban Processing focuses on two production control methods in a make-to-stock environment: the use of production versions and Kanban processing.

  • Creation of independent requirements
  • Material Requirement Planning to calculate the requirements of the finished product as well as for the different components.
  • Production order processing with
    • Production Versions and Kanban
  • Creation of Sales Order
  • Execution of Delivery and Billing

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Monday Links Roundup #4

I have not done links roundup for a while, but explored many sites for the time passed. Actually mostly i explored new links to be added to the directory of my new site As i find, i grab their rss feeds, add to the relevant category and display latest updates of those added sites automatically. By this way i try to provide visitors latest updates overall SAP sites at one place. This will be my last picks at this site, from now on i will post my top picks from other site in

  1. SAPKD is a new published site where you can find mostly ABAP and SD related post currently, as time advances surely content will enrich with other topics.
  2. Another new site, SAP Analyst covers Materials Management topics with regular updates
  3. Want to learn how to create BSP and access to the created BSP Application ? Watch these videos casted by Niroshana
  4. An author, Shaun Snapp, runs a SAP SCM related site as repository to his work of writing SAP Press book titled Discovery SAP SCM. Not updated anymore, but he also has a very informative another site with great documents you must check!
  5. I wish all consulting firms have their own newsletters, because they really provide valuable information. Here is one of the best i have come accros, check Bluefin Solution Consulting Firm’s articles

As i explore more sites, i will add them to the directory so you can follow very recent updates there. I will also try to pick most valuable topics weekly, or bi-weekly in my new site.
Hope you find it useful.