Automatically Generating Purchase Order at the Time of Goods Receipt

As a business requirement it is sometimes necessary to enable automatic generation of the purchase order during goods receipt of a material. For mapping this requirement in the standard SAP R/3 system some prerequisites are required both in the application and in customizing (SPRO) settings. After this is set up, upon goods receipt of material, the purchase order number is automatically generated by the system.

This article illustrates one of the Important functionalities offered by SAP R/3 in Goods receipts procedure in Material Management . This article will demonstrate the process of creation of Automatic Purchase Order at the time of Goods receipts. It shows the settings in the IMG Guide and the master data maintenance to achieve Automatic purchase Order Generation on Goods receipt Read more

Customizing Steps of Purchasing Document Types

In the SAP System, the different kinds of purchasing document are distinguished from one another by means of the document type. The Document type determines the relevant number range and the fields that are offered to you for data maintenance purpose.

Document types are defined for RFQs, purchase orders, and contracts, for example. The standard SAP system includes certain document types.

The following purchasing document types can exist for the purchasing document category purchase order,for instance:

  • Standard purchase order -NB
  • Stock transport order – UB
  • Framework order – FO

This article illustrates the use and customizing steps of Purchasing Document Types -Material Management. It shows the settings in the IMG Guide and the outcome of such customize setting changes. Read more

A Great List of SAP Controlling End-User Manuals

As you know, in my previous post i shared Financials End-User Manuals. In this post i will extend end-user manuals for Controlling module which you will find step by step procedures for Cost Centre and Profit Centre sub-modules similarly in previous post. Read more

A Great List of SAP Financials End-User Manuals

In this post, i will provide you the end-user materials which i had downloaded in very earlier times i have come to know SAP and benefited from them to ease and understand processes better. End-user manuals are very handy with screen shots and accompanying descriptions under each steps. You can explore more about SAP End-User Manuals and know exactly its functionality. Read more

Comprehensive SD User Manual – A Must for Beginners

This guide contains the information you need to understand and and learn the processes used in SAP Sales and Distribution area. In each topics you will find very good introduction and step by step guides with screeenshots are provided for procedures. A brief overview of covered topics are as follow:

  • Part 1 describes concept of Master Data, Pricing Condition records used in SD Module and shows the processes done under each topics.
  • Part 2 covers all the business processes used in Sales MTO, Agent Sales, Returning Sales Order, Exports under Bond, Exports under LOU, Reversal of Post Goods Issue, Trading sales, Cancellation of Invoice, and many more which will be very useful for end-users.
  • And finally in Part 3 you will learn the most common reports used in SAP SD module.

Read more

SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Collections – Part 1

SAP PRESS is the premier publisher of technical and strategic books for the SAP community. On this site, you will find a wide range of titles to help you master SAP technology and complete key SAP projects more efficiently. I also wanted to purchase some SAP Press books but they are not available for sale in our country yet. Purchasing from the nearest country costs more than book’s prices with shipping cost. But as far as i know Online Service will be available soon for SAP Press books.

In this first part of series, i want to share with you sample chapters of SAP Press books which i think they would even would be very useful for us. This series may last long, so bear with me please. So here is the first shares : Read more

Step by Step Guide for Solution Manager Certification

In many of the SAP certification exams, there are questions about the Solution Manager. In other words, questions on this topic can appear in exams that are not specifically focused on SAP Solution Manager. Therefore, preparing for SAP Solution Manager certification can provide a benefit to you on other certification exams as well.

In this paper, author explains the processes involved to get certified in Solution Manager, where to find details about the certification exam, how to register for the certification exam, what study materials to use for the exam, and where to find them. At the end of the paper, he also has developed sample questions – the question format is similar to the certification exam questions. Read more