8 Presentations to Introduce ABAP for Beginners

These presentations, contain introductory instructions with sample exercises, will provide you quick overview of ABAP if you are beginner.

  • Introduction to ABAP
  • List Processing in ABAP
  • Open SQL & Internal Table
  • Event-driven Programming & Selection Screen
  • Modularization & Catch Statement
  • Message, Debugging, File Transfer and Type Group
  • ABAP Advanced List
  • Dialog Programming Overview

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Yet Another SAP CIN Configuration Document

For those who do not know yet, CIN stands for Country Version India. Some configurations procedures are country dependent, so this one is for India. If you have not seen yet, i shared another CIN Configuration Document before. And also check another Comprehensive Configuration Document which will be very useful for you too. Through this document you will be guided for customization of following topics with screenshots provided ;

  • Activate CIN for Specific Fiscal Year : In this activity you specify for which Fiscal Years you want to activate CIN for the accounting interface
  • Check Calculation Procedure : In this activity you check, and if necessary, change existing procedures for tax calculation
  • Assign Country to Calculation Procedure : In this activity you enter key for the calculation procedure which determines the conditions which are allowed per document and which defines sequence of the conditions in the document for each country.
  • Check and Change Settings for Tax Processing : In this activity you make the necessary specifications for posting taxes.
  • Define Tax Accounts : In this activity you specify the accounts to which different tax types are to be posted

And the rest of configuration procedures covered in this document are Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions, Maintain Excise Registrations, Maintain  Company Code Settings, Maintain Plant Settings and much more. Read more

Free Configuration Staff for FICO Consultants

Well, i guess almost all FICO Consultants must have heard about sapficocolsuntant.com site. It is the one of the most popular site selling Configuration Staff like sap-topjobs.com site does. When you browse their site you may not find any link to download sample documents visible, they only provide with email. Using my Google Search tricks i have explored some hidden gems on site. When i check the dates files uploaded, so i thought they can’t be unaware of this issue. You can read my Google Search tips article if you want to find the documents hosted on site, but i will provide you here direct links. So lets start; Read more

Back to Basics: What is IDES ?

The International Demonstration and Education System (IDES) contains a fully-fledged model company that has been set up in an R/3 System. The IDES corporate group comprises a number of companies, each with predefined business tasks. All of these companies can be used individually, or in interaction with each other, to demonstrate how the R/3 System is integrated, and the range of functions that are available. Read more

Strategies and Techniques to Successful SAP Consulting

This e-book, written by an SAP Consultant who has worked for nineteen years as a freelancer, provides you most important strategies and behaviors to consider and implement in your daily consulting life. Some of highlights covered in book are as:

  • Know the basics of the IT development process
  • Be a Problem Solver
  • Be Flexible
  • Know Your Limitations
  • Work Hard, Play Hard Too and so on…

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Printing Problems and Solutions

This document contains a list of some questions/problems and solutions when trying to print. If you do not know yet, see How to Set Up Printer in SAP

The solutions covered for problems are as follows:

  • Double-byte characters show up on the screen, but not when printed.
  • How do I change the codepage on a device?
  • How do I copy a device plus its other settings (like print controls)?
  • I used SPAD->Device Print Control->Utilities->Copy Device Type to copy a device,now how do I delete it?
  • What do device formats (SPAD->Device Format) do?
  • I want to dial-in to an SAP system and print from my computer. How do I do it

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ABAP Objects Obsolete Statements – Solutions to Syntax Errors

ABAP Objects are introduced in release 4.5. ABAP Objects contains a complete set of object-oriented statements. Object orientation in ABAP builds on existing language and is largely compatible with it. Statements in ABAP Objects cover almost the complete ABAP language set ; however , specific obsolete language constructs are not allowed in connection with ABAP objects due to clean-up of the ABAP language.
Statements those are made obsolete in ABAP OOP context are not necessarily related to Unicode programs, though the introduction of Unicode certainly changes the strictness of syntax checks. It is important to note that the Unicode changes are a different set of changes compare to changes in ABAP Objects.

This document contains obsolete syntax for ABAP Objects and show the language constructs by which the obsolete syntax can be replaced. Read more