A Complete Reference to ABAP Basics

Starting with the definition of R/3 Architecture Components, this document brings you to a complete overview of the almost all ABAP Basics. During the reading you will learn the common statements used in creation of ABAP Screens with given examples and then you will be introduced to Data Dictionary objects. The ongoing topics covered in this document are as follows:

  • Internal Tables : Purpose of Internal Tables, Types, Used System Variables…
  • Subroutines : Statements used in Subroutines…
  • Reports : Types of Reports…
  • Module Pool Programming (MPP) : Events used in MPP, Creation steps of a simple MPP…
  • Menu Painter
  • Batch Data Communication : Methods used in BDC: Direct Input Method, Call Transaction Method and Session Method…
  • LSMW ( Legacy System Migration Workbench) : Steps required to create LSMW
  • SAPScript : Components of SAPScript
  • Smartforms : Advantages, Components and Navigation Settings of Smartforms

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Naming Conventions in Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

This document provides naming conventions for objects in the System Landscape Directory (SLD), Integration Repository, and integration Directory.

Consider the naming conventions provided as recommendations only. No particular standards for Naming Conversion in XI projects and it varies from client to client. If you choose to deviate from the recommendations, ensure that you nevertheless always follow the same general principle described. Read more

WebDynpro Navigation & Component-Orientation

WebDynpro is SAP’s new approach for web application development. Developers are supposed to create their applications with visual tools that require little knowledge concerning implementation details. Hence, most of the source code is generated by the used development environment. The WebDynpro approach allows developers to separate presentation- and business-logic. In addition, WebDynpro Applications are operating system independent. Developers can create WebDynpro Applications using either ABAP- or Java-technology.

This paper aims to describe opportunities provided by WebDynpro technology regarding front-end design, navigation logic and reusability. Besides, it focuses on the Java-personality of the SAP Web Application Server and, therefore, deals with the Netweaver Development Studio regarding application design. Read more

Periodic Jobs and Tasks in SAP BW

This whitepaper, provided by SAP, is a must for those use SAP BW and it provides recommendations about jobs and tasks that have to be performed on a regular basis to ensure system performance and stability in a BW system. It may be also useful for you to check Daily BW Systems Checklist

  • Support Package Strategy
  • Backup Strategy
  • Transports and SAP Notes
  • Monitoring Basis Jobs
  • Monitoring Application
  • Monitoring Query Performance
  • Create, Delete Aggregates
  • Data Management and more…

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Advanced Tips and Tricks Using BEx Analyzer and BEx Query Designer

This presentation will let you learn advanced tips and tricks in BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyser. You will also gain insight into the advanced features, understand the obscure features, and learn how BExGetData works with given examples and demo. The topics covered overall are:

  • Advanced features of Query Designer
  • Creating Interactive Reports using BEx Analyzer
  • Advanced formatting features of BEx Analyzer
  • 2 Properties and 2 Settings in BEx Analyzer

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Useful SAP R/3 Procedures

Below you will find some tips and tricks which are for commonly used procedures in SAP and that will save your time. Mainly the topics are;

  • User File Capture of SAP Print Spool Output
  • Determining Where a Field is Used
  • System Access to Logical Databases
  • Listing Standard SAP Reports Listing Reports by Group
  • Listing the Reports Tree
  • Make a Text File of an ABAP Program
  • Exporting a Report Writer Report

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SAP New General Ledger Accounting Functions

The new general-ledger accounting software in mySAP ERP can help companies like yours address these issues. mySAP ERP now provides a unified structure that combines individual ledgers – such as the cost-of-sales, profit-center-accounting, and consolidation-staging ledgers. With this structure you can:

  • Considerably accelerate your period-end closings
  • Flexibly perform reporting tasks based on data reconciled in real time
  • Efficiently handle financial reporting, according to both local and international accounting principles

This document explains how the new general-ledger software in mySAP ERP incorporates the new features. It also describes how you can make the transition from the general-ledger accounting functionality in SAP® R/3® software to the new general ledger. Read more