SAP SD Configuration Material Download – Best One So Far!

SAP Configuration related guidelines, info are rare to find on web environment currently. However this one is the best I have come accross for SD Module so far, at least in freely available documents. I did not have time to check all but 363 pages of this guide does not only provide you configuration procedures, but also extend content with end-user notes too. Starting with a simple ERP ve SAP concept definition, in the ongoing pages you will be introduced each topics, then you will be provided SAP IMG Path of all configurations with screenshots supported. Most important tables and fields in each topics are also provided. Just some of the configuration topics from the very first of pages that you convince you about this guide’s quality

  • Enterprise Structure – Define Company, Company Code, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Area, Sales Group, Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point
  • Enterprise Structure – Assign Company code to Company, Sales Organization to Company Code, Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Division to Sales Organization, Plant to Company Code
  • Master Data – Define Account Group, Number Range, Assign Number range to Customer Account Groups, Define Regions, Define Sales District, Price Group, Price List, Shipping Conditions and etc…

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SAP QM End-User Manuals Collection

Here we extend our End-User manuals collections with Quality Management this time. In one of my previous End-User shares, a visitor had requested QM user manuals, hope these will be useful for anyone in this area. After reading these guides you will be able to

  • Create Quality Information Record
  • Manage Code Groups in catalogs
  • Create Inspection Plan
  • And many more Inspection User Manuals for various scenarios

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SAP MM CIN Excise Configuration Guide

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you Excise Invoice User Manual . I have recently come across a Configuration Guide of Excise Invoice for Country India Version (CIN) .

In this article author explains every bit of Excise Invoice starting with describing terms, then goes step by step configuration procedures with accompanying notes. For those who are new to this area, this article will make it simply easy to understand the required CIN settings. Covered steps are as following

  • Definition and types of Excise Duty
  • Basic SAP MM CIN Settings
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Account Determination
  • Incoming Excise Invoices, Subcontracting, Excise Register

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Lockbox Processing Configuration in SAP

Lockbox is an account in the House Bank which handles the receipt and processing of incoming payments in SAP. This service is mainly provided by banks in the United States. When ever a sales is made party will credit payment to this lock box account in terms of certain invoice in house bank so in that scenario bank will update the data every day by sending a BAI1 and BAI2 (bank adminstrative institute ) files for you to import and apply in Accounts Receivable.
In the following, you will find a step by step configuration procedures of Lockbox Process.

  • Define House Banks (FI12)
  • Define Lockboxs of House Banks (OB10)
  • Define Control Parameters (OBAY)
  • Define Posting Data (OBAX)
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees (OBA4)
  • Define Tolerances (Customers/Vendors) (OBA3)
  • Define Accounts for Overpayments/Underpayments (OBXL)
  • Import the Lockbox File (FLB2)

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SAP Business Intelligence Reporting Guides

This article contain guidelines step by processes for

  • How to create a basic ad hoc query in BEx Query Designer using the Financials InfoCube
  • How to modify an existing ad hoc query and add features to the basic query
  • How to add Confidential InfoObjects and Security Variables to the ad hoc query

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SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Downloads – Part 4

Before starting this series, I also did not have any chance to view most of the sample chapters shared here.  Actually it helps a lot me too and they are now most valuable documents in my archive. This part of series also comes in handy ones you should not miss

  • What are the benefits of Structural Authorizations in SAP HCM ?
  • Creating your first program in ABAP Editor
  • Segment Reporting in SAP Financial Reporting
  • Critical aspects of Internal Tables processing in ABAP
  • An Overview of Bank Accounting in SAP Financials

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Upgrading from BW 3.x to BI 7.0 Guide

The BW upgrade is necessary  based on clients decision use SAP BW as the corporate standard data warehousing tool. The current BW3.1 version of the software is nearing its end of life and would require additional and non-standard support from the vendor.

To remind you, SAP BW was known as SAP BI from the BW 7.0 onwards. But recently SAP has changed naming from SAP BI to SAP BW again. There are also some more confusing naming changes every beginners should be aware.

In this document author shares his experiences during the upgradation process of BW 3.x system to BI 7.0.  As part of this project you will see also following processes

  • Database and operation system will be also upgraded
  • Production server hardware will be augmented
  • Development and test environment servers and storage will be replaced with two upgraded full-sized environments
  • Existing development and test architecture will be decommissioned and evaluated for use on other ongoing projects as needed

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