Authorization Concept in SAP

The authorizations for users are created using roles and profiles. The administrator creates the roles, and the system supports him or her in creating the associated authorizations.

An authorization is a permission to perform a certain action in the SAP System. The action is defined on the basis of the values for the individual fields of an authorization object. When a user logs on to a client of an SAP system, his or her authorizations are loaded in the user context. The user context is in the user buffer( in the main memory) of the application Server.

This document details step by step procedure for creating roles through PFCG transaction. It would be useful giving a try to reading PFCG Concept in SAP. You will also be provided advanced concepts Read more

Step by Step Guide of SAP PR Release Strategy Concept and Configuration

This is a guest post by Rizki from

For most SAP MM end-user or SAP MM learner, PR release strategy is a ’black box’ process. Many of them don’t understand that topic and get frustrated because there is no good documentation about it, especially the free one.

We have written a 30-pages article ”A-complete-and-easy-guide-to-SAP-PR-Release-Strategy” in .pdf file. It explains a step by step SAP PR release strategy configuration with a case study and screen shots. Read more

User Guide for Transporting Queries in SAP

Query is a SAP tool for developing report easily without help of ABAP, and it mainly uses the tables or joins tables to get data by business requirement. There is also a document i shared in my site which will take you to step by step guide for creating SAP Query. You can also take your understanding of SAP Query further with a case study and screenshots provided Document.

The document i will share will show you a step by step guide to transport queries, in other words export/import queries. Why would someone need to transport queries ? The common scenarios are as

  • Transport queries from Production to QA Development System, or Dev to Prod..
  • Transport queries from one system to another system. ie from 4.6C to ECC 6.0 or.

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SAP Controlling (CO) Business Blueprint Sample

SAP Business Blueprint is the 2nd project phase which provides a comprehensive view of main business processes in a 5 phase SAP Implementation. Questionnaires are used to prepare a SAP Business Blueprint with collecting some information to meet business requirements.In case you have not seen yet, you can also download Finance Business Blueprint sample from my site.

In this document, you will find a SAP Controlling Business Blueprint sample. You will find AS IS (The current process used in sysyem ) and TO BE ( new process to be used after new system implementation ) and Gap Anaylsis for each covered business processes. Read more

A Great List of SAP MM End-User Manuals

Here I’m with another End-User manual bundle for the processes of SAP Materials Management. Before you download these, i strongly suggest you to download previous end-user manuals if you missed which are Purchase Requisitioning, Purchase Requisition Approver and Invoice Verification.

In this post you will find download links for many daily used processes in

  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Invoice Verification
  • Purchasing

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SAP Press Books Sample Chapter Collections – Part 3

If you are new to this series, click to see all parts created under SAP Press Sample Chapter Downloads. Here is the third part of series you will find useful information about

  • Enterprise SOA definition and Enterprise Data Management’s role in it
  • An extended overview of SAP ERP HCM Components
  • Specs and business processes for 850-Interface ORDERS interface within EDI
  • An Overview of Procurement in Logistics
  • Special features of SAP APO and Advantages of planning with APO-PP/DS.
  • Introduction to SAP Upgrade Tools

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Common Confusions about SAP Terms&Versions Changes

For a newbie one of the tough thing is to stay up to date with the recent SAP versions and name changes. As a beginner, I also had some difficulty and been confused with the releases of the SAP. Do not feel yourself alone for this issue, as many complains arises for the naming scheme changes by users. I might still being  confused, so please correct me if the following list is wrong.

Old Term New Term
Netweaver 2004s Netweaver 7.0 (2004s) Or only Netweaver 7.0
mySAP ERP 2005(runs on Netweaver 2004s) SAP ERP 6.0
SAP Solution Manager 2004 SAP Solution Manager 2007
SAP Netweaver BI SAP Netweaver BW
Business Intelligence Accelerator  (BIA) Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)

Note that the table above shows only name changes, not upgrade or updates. Besides i also want to point out that Netweaver 2004 and Netweaver 2004s are also not the same!

I should definitely suggest you reading A Guide to SAP Terms document written by Jon Reed , you can also follow Jon on Twitter