ABAP Objects Presentations for Beginners

Introduced with the release of SAP Basis 4.5 in 1990s, ABAP Object Oriented Programming (ABAP OOP) has many new features over conventional ABAP Programming. If you are not familiar with ABAP Objects yet, this post will provide you 3 presentations to give you a general overview. Highlights from documents are as following:

1. Fundamentals of ABAP Objects:

  • Recognize the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Identify the features of Object Oriented Programming
  • Recall the history of ABAP Object Oriented Programming
  • Advantages of ABAP OOP over conventional ABAP Procedural Programming
  • Analyze the basic building blocks of ABAP Objects

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Extensive ABAP Reports Document

This is an extensive ABAP Reports document that covers followings topics in detail

  • Classical Reports: These are the simplest reports. Programmers learn this one first. It is just an output of data using the Write statement inside a loop.
  • Interactive Reports: In simple Interactive reports are nothing but which were user interface the name itself signifies that it interacts with the users
  • Logical Database: A logical database is a special ABAP program which combines the contents of certain database tables
  • ABAP Query

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SAP BAPI Training Document for Beginners

SAP BAPI (Business API) Definition: BAPI is a set of interfaces that allow third-party developers to access to processes and data in SAP R/3 Modules.

In this document author collects various information, creates BAPI tutorials with screenshots, and states important points that every beginner should know. Not covered in this document but it will be also useful for you to check and download SAP BAPI List.  Following are some highlights from this 41 pages BAPI guide material:

  • Benefits of BAPI
  • BAPI Conventions
  • Important points to follow when developing a BAPI
  • Define a structures for the BAPI
  • Create the API Method Using the BAPI Wizard

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SAP SD Certification Preparation Document

Similar to Murtaza Habib’s SAP FI Certification Preparation material, this 24 pages document contains self notes that will give you a brief overview of SAP SD certification topics. Author found an interesting way to memorize a list of important info with some fancy words, a poet style :). You will find many of them and the way he used is indeed useful. Of course this is not a stand alone preparation document but a must as an accompanying document that will press on your study progress.
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Understanding SAP Transaction Codes Structures

I have come up to another very informative document about the transaction codes that SAP Beginners will find interesting notes. Actually my curiosity increases about the author of this document, M Rajagopalan, coz I ve seen his name on many useful SAP related documents but no chance to meet any of his profile on web. I would rather want to know more about him. Anyway, regarding the document you will find following notes;

  • How to display all transaction code in SAP
  • Use of Command Line
  • Determining transaction code
  • and the most useful part that you will understand the structure of t.codes: What is Naming Standarts of Transaction Codes ?
  • Miscellanous configuration transactions

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