Enhancements, Exits and BADIs Overview in SAP

This presentation will introduce you the enhancement techniques used in standart SAP System. You will also find useful notes for Business Add-Ins (BAdI ). Highlights from the document are:

  • Customer Exits Types: Function Module Exits, Menu Exits, Screen Exits…
  • Enhancement Framework
  • Composite Enhancement Spots
  • Features of Explicit & Implicit Enhancement Points
  • User Exit Demonstration
  • BAdI Definition..Classic BAdIs..BAdIs Implementation
  • Usage of Old ( Classic ) BAdIs versus New BAdIS
  • Multiple Use BAdI..

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ABAP Query Creation Tutorial

SAP Query application is used to create lists which are not already contained in standard SAP. It has been designed for users with little or no knowledge of the SAP programming language ABAP.

This document outlines 3 components of ABAP Query; Infosets, User Groups and Queries. After giving some brief info you will be guided for how to create these components. Read more


SAP CIN for Beginners FAQ

I’m still not much familiar with SAP CIN (Country Version India) though shared many materials with you up till now. Of course the main reason I’m not India based and so it does not make sound much for me :). Yet, I come up with a new material that will answer many of your questions regarding Basis, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Financials and many other general questions. The very first questions are collected from allinterviews.com site but not sure for the rest. It is a good collection of f.a.q resource for everyone new to CIN. Read more

SAP SD Module Notes for Beginner’s

If you are new to SD Module, this document will give you a brief overview about the Organizational Units and Processes of;

  • Enterprise Structure : Company Code, Sales Organization, Sales Area, Distribution Channel…
  • Master Data : Customer Master Data, Material Master Data, Sales Documents, Sales Document Item Category, Availability Check, Backorder Processing, Assembly Processing, Complaints Processing, Consignment Processing, Material Determination, Route Determination,
  • Pricing : Condition Records, Conditions Table, Condition Type, Special Pricing Functions, Tax Determination, Rebate Processing,
  • Billing :  Controlling the Billing Process, Invoice Combination and Invoice Split, Special Billing Type,
  • Account Determination, Usage Areas of Condition Technique

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LSMW Data Transfer Guideline for SD, MM, PM Modules

Apart from those 14 Step LSMW Guidelines, this document extends notes for the master data transfer process via LSMW during implementation stage in Plant Maintenance, Materials Management and Sales and Distribution modules. This guideline will be very useful for those consultants use LSMW frequently.
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