SAP Basis Training Material

I’m sure this Basis tutorial document is a must for beginners. As it explains every bit of the daily used Basis transaction processes with details and screenshots. I’m not a Basis user but I think almost all daily used transactions are covered in this 72 pages document. Some of the covered transaction codes are:

  • SM02
  • SM28
  • SM59
  • SCCL
  • SCC1
  • SM50
  • SM12
  • SM21
  • PFCG
  • SU10
  • STMS
  • SE01/SE09/SE10
  • STMS
  • SSAA
  • SU01

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Beginner’s Guide to Download and Study ABAP Trial Version

Well, you want to learn and practice SAP’s programming language ABAP, and you don’t know where to start ? You might find the following document useful which will lead you to install and administrate of SAP NetWeaver ABAP Trial Version. Inside document you will find info about:

  • Download and Installation of the SAP NetWeaver ABAP Trial Version
  • Starting and Stopping the Application Server
  • Importing a Transport into Service Pack
  • Database Manager and SQL Studio

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A Must SAP ABAP Tutorials Document For Beginners

Actually in this 500 pages document you will find the contents from’s ABAP Tutorials which each are explained step by step with screenshots. Someone has compiled them to into a single document and I think it is a must for all SAP ABAP Programmers. Some of the tutorials in this extensive document are;

  • Creation of Transparent Table
  • Creating a Structure in ABAP Dictionary
  • Working with Table Maintenance Generator
  • Creation of a Logical Database
  • Dynamic Selection Screen (Drop downs, pushbuttons, radio buttons, icons)
  • Create Dynamic Patterns
  • Table Control using Wizard in Module Pool Programming and many more…

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An Extensive SAP FICO Enduser Manual

Previously, I have shared with you a few Enduser Guides for SAP Finance/Controlling (FICO) modules. Similar to them, the following 314 pages document is also a good compilation for endusers for understanding their daily procudures. This extensive FI/CO end-user document describes the need of each process, gives procedure overview for that process, shows required procedural steps, explain the fields in that process screen with screenshots. You will find end-user guides for the following submodules:

  • Public Sector Management
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting

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Step by Step SAP SD Configuration Document

Similar to the SAP SD Configuration Material I shared with you previously, also in this 100 pages document you will find step by step configuration steps detailed in notes with screenshots. Following and more configurations are covered in this guide;

  • Enterprise Structure Configuration:
  • Define Sales Organization, Define Distribution Channel, Define Division, Assign Sales Organization to Company Code, Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization, Assign Division to Sales Organization…

  • Sales and Distribution Configuration:
  • Define Condition Types, Maintain Pricing Procedure, Assign G/L Accounts, Maintain Output Types, Define Sales Document Types, Define Number Ranges for Sales Documents, Define Item Categories…

  • General Logistics Condiguration:
  • Assign Update Group at Item Level, Assign Update Group at Header Level

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