Some SAP FI Tips Documentation

In this post, you will find solutions to some common problems any SAP FI users may encounter in their daily business processes of the following:

  • Why are my invoices not selected in F110 ?
  • How to zero out an account balance in local currency ? (FBB1)
  • How to post to a VAT account ? (FB41)
  • Modifying Header Text in Line Item Reports
  • Drill Down Reporting in SAP FI

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SAP FICO Master Data Creation Notes, User Guides

In this document you will find Master Data related notes, end-user guides for SAP FI/CO. The settings are covered per requirements of specific company ( mostly CIN related ) but also applies to general knowledge.

  • Creation of General Ledger Account (FS00)
  • Extending GL accounts (FS15)
  • Creation of Primary Cost Element (KA01)
  • Maintaining Cost and Activity Type (KP26)
  • Allocation Cost Element
  • Creation of Secondary Cost Element (KA06)
  • Creation of Vendor Master Codes (FK01)
  • Creation of Customer Master Codes (FD01)
  • Creation of Internal Order Master (KO01)
  • Creation of Asset Master Codes (AS01)
  • Creation of Asset Sub-number Codes (AS11)
  • Creation of Bank Key Masters (FI01)
  • Creation of House bank (FI12)

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Upgrade Guide from SAP R/3 4.6 to ECC 6.0 for ABAP Developers

Working on SAP up-gradation from SAP R/3 4.6 to ECC6 ? . This article is for you which mainly includes SPDD, SPAU and UCCHECK fixes that needs to be carried out to correct all the conflict standard objects while upgrading to the higher version.
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ABAP Data Dictionary Overview

ABAP Dictionary centrally describes and manages all the data definitions used in the system and the database. It is completely integrated in the ABAP Development Workbench. ABAP Dictionary supports the definition of user-defined types i.e. data elements, structures and table types. These types are used in the ABAP processors and ABAP programs. It also defines the structure of database objects i.e. tables, views and indexes.

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SAP IS-Retail Configuration and Scenarios Guide

This will be my first share regarding IS-Retail related document. The step by step tutorial document you will find below covers following common configuration steps of IS-Retail in SAP;

  • Organizational Structure Configuration ( Define Company Code, Division, Distribution, Sales Area etc.. )
  • Site Creation (DC), Site Creation (Store), Article Creation, Vendor Creation
  • Processes (Assortment Listing, Pricing, Merchandise Category
  • Scenarios (Purchase from External Vendor, Stock Transfer from DC to Store )

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HR ABAP Technical Overview

Previously I shared another comprehensive HR ABAP Training presentation with you. This one also covers HR ABAP topics in detail.  Following are headlines from the document:

  • Logical Databases
  • Join & Projection
  • Reports / Repetitive Structures
  • Clusters
  • Time Data
  • Infosets & Infoset Queries
  • Infotypes
  • Logical Database PCH

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