Tips and Tricks on SAP Technical Upgrade

In this article author explains the required steps to be taken during upgradation from 4.6c to ECC 6.0. SPDD and SPAU transactions are covered in detail. The following are the covered points in this document,

  • System preparation and stack level patch upgrade
  • SPDD Phase
  • Up gradation of the system
  • SPAU Phase
  • DBACOCKPIT for indexing
  • Issue resolution and error tracking
  • Z programs corrections – obsolete function modules and objects.

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Implementation & Modifications of Table Maintenance Generator

Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) in SAP ABAP, which can be created using transactions SE54 and SE11, is a tool used to create a equipment by which customized tables created by end users can be changed as required.

In this article author guides you through the implementation procedure of Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) for custom tables and also explains some modifications available in the table maintenance generator.

  • Why to use Table Maintenance Generator ?
  • Prerequisite to create Table Maintenance Generator for a Custom Table
  • Creation of TMG for a Custom Table
  • Maintaining the table through SM30
  • Modifications in TMG

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SAP Purchasing User Training Manual

This document covers purchasing flow in SAP MM and shows step by step guide with screenshots of the following processes;

  • Create a purchase requisition (ME51)
  • First release of requisition (ME54)
  • Create Request for Quotation (RFQ) with reference to requisition (ME41)
  • Create Purchase Order with reference to RFQ
  • Department receives material ordered (GR)
  • Department pays invoice (MIRO)

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SAP Purchasing Reports

The following is a list of common SAP Purchasing reports which you may need during reporting evaluations.

  • ME53N – Display Purchase Requisition
  • ME5A – Purchase Requisitions: List Display
  • ME5J – Purchase Requisitions for Project
  • ME5K – Requisitions by Account Assignment
  • MELB – Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
  • ME56 – Assign Source to Purch. Requisition
  • ME57 – Assign and Process Requisitions
  • ME58 – Ordering: Assigned Requisitions
  • ME59 – Automatic Generation of POs
  • ME54 – Release Purchase Requisition
  • ME55 – Collective Release of Purchase Reqs.
  • ME47 – Maintain Quotation
  • ME49 – Price Comparison

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