Posting and Reversing an Invoice in SAP

Sometimes you receive vendor invoices that you have to post manually in the SAP system. If invoice has been posted to the wrong account or with the wrong amount, you have to reverse this invoice.

This interactive sim video tutorial shows how to enter a vendor invoice in the SAP system and, if necessary, how to reverse this invoice.

  • Posting an Invoice [T.Code: FB60]
  • Displaying a Document [T.Code: FB03]
  • Reversing a Document [T.Code: FB08]

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Invoice With Clearing in SAP

This interactive sime video tutorial describes the process of issuing a vendor invoice and explains how the invoice is paid by check or bank transfer. Follow scenarios are covered step by step;

  • Create Vendor Invoice [T.Code: FB60]
  • Payments [T.Code: F110]

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Down Payment Process in SAP: Request, Posting and Clearing

This interactive sim video tutorial shows you the step-by-step processes of the following mentioned scenarios;

  • Vendor Down Payment Request [T.Code: F-47]
  • Automatic Payment [T.Code: F110]
  • Display/Change Line Items [FBL1N]
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing [F-54]

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SAP CIN FI Configuration Guide: Enterprise Structure

This document covers the requirements and the customization details of the Financial Accounting enterprise structure in SAP. This includes configuration for setting up the enterprise structure and assigning organizational units to the structure defined. Covered topics are;

  • Enter Exchange Rates (Table V_TCURR)
  • Define Company (Table T880) , Define, copy, delete, check Company Code (Table T001) , Define Business Area (Table TGSB)
  • Assign Company Code to Company (Table V_001_Y)
  • Enter Global Parameters to Company Code (Table V_001_B)
  • Activate Extended Withholding Tax (Table T001_EXT)
  • Maintain fiscal year variant [T.Code OB29] (Table T009_A)
  • Allocate company code to fiscal year variant [T.Code OB37] (Table V_001_U)
  • Define variants for open posting periods [T.Code OBBO] (Table T010O)
  • Open and close posting periods [T.Code OB52] (Table V_T001B)
  • Define Document number ranges [T.Code FBN1]
  • Define document types [T.Code OBA7]
  • Define posting keys [T.Code OB41] (Table TBSL, RBSL)
  • Maintain field status variants [T.Code OBC4] (Table V_T004V)
  • Define Tax jurisdictions
  • Define Withholding Tax Type for Invoice Posting/Payment Posting, Define Withholding Tax Codes, Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
  • Activate Extended Withholding Tax

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SAP GUI 7.20 Download for Windows & Mac & Patch Level 14 (New) Added

Released on 2nd week of April 2010, Windows 7 and Office 2010 compatible SAP GUI 7.20 is available to download on SAP Marketplace.

For the new features come with SAP GUI 7.20 please have a look at SAP GUI forums on SDN. If you don’t have access to SAP Marketplace, you can also find download link below. Read more