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Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is one of the modules of SAP based on the Netweaver platform. It offers reporting and analysis on a company’s data. Most of the time, this data is in the terabyte range.

Here is a an introduction into SAP Businesss Intelligence and how it helps companies stay ahead of the competition by getting real-time up-to-date reporting.
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Important Time Management Infotypes and Transactions

The Time Management component in SAP offers the user to support in performing all human resources processes involving the  time  recording,  leave management system and valuation of employees? work performed and absence times.

See below list of important Time Management related Infotypes and Transactions used in SAP

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Introduction to SAP – SAP Training Part 01

In this video, you will learn a little bit about the origin of SAP and its founders. SAP, the company has been around for a while. The software they provide are used by a lot of the top companies in the world and for a right reason: It helps them streamline their processes.

You will also learn more about the companies that implement the software in their daily business
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Month End Closing Processes Guide | SAP FI

Month-End Closing in SAP comprises activities involved in closing a posting period. This document contains several steps and transactions used within the Month-End Closing process for a specific company. After a brief introduction a detailed explanation of the transactions in the main part of the documentation follows. Find below a list of transaction processes covered in this guide;
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SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) End-User Training Material

This document provides an overview of SAP PM Functionality and details of how the transactions are carried out in SAP R/3. The document has been organized as follows:

  • Master data maintenance required for PM module is covered first. Master data maintenance is the most important aspect as these data affects all the transaction where that Master data is used. It is very much controlled by authorizations as per the policy of the company.
  • As a PM user, you will be using various transactions to replicate day-to-day work in SAP R/3. So all the transactions, which are relevant to you for carrying out Plant Maintenance activities, are covered in this.
  • Master data maintenance and transaction processes are explained with the help of SAP screenshots. This will help you in executing the same perfectly

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Purchasing & Inventory Management User Manual | SAP MM

Yet another powerful end-user guide for SAP MM Users. This user manual describe commonly used business processes related to Purchasing & Inventory Management in SAP. You will find step by step guide with screenshots, footnotes and explanation of important fields on transaction screens.

  • Reservation
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Contract
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Inventory Management
  • Material Requirement Planning

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SAP GUI 7.10 Download | Patch 21 Added

SAP GUI for Windows CDs and patches are no longer available on http://ftp.sap.com/pub

Before downloading SAP GUI 7.10, make sure your pc meets the requirements from the following table

SAP GUI 7.10 System Requirements

Required Recommended
Windows Vista
Processor 800+ MHz 1+ GHz
Memory 512 MB 1GB
Windows XP
Processor 233+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 64 MB 192 MB
Windows 2000
Processor 200+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 128 MB 192 MB

You have to use the official download sites on SAP Service Marketplace (User-ID required).

  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 CDs (Compilations) can be found here
  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 Patches can be found here

(Thanks to Manu for the links above)

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