How to Create Activity Type [KL01] in SAP ?

In SAP, Activity types are activities provided by a cost center. They are measured in units of time or quantity. Activity quantities are valued using a price. For e.g. Activity types are used to allocate machine cost from Machine cost center to the production orders. An activity input from a sender cost center signifies that a receiver (usually another cost center or a capital project) is drawing on the resources of the sender cost center

Find below download links for step by step guide and screenshots to learn creating activity types in SAP using transaction code KL01.

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ABAP Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) Tutorials For Beginners

This free ABAP Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) tutorial PDF document will help you writing ABAP from the point of object oriented view. You will find many tutorials with step by step approach and screenshots. Find index below for the tutorial book;

  • Global Class Functionality – Step-by-step approach [SE24]
  • Working with the Keyword SUPER in object Oriented Programming
  • Working with Inheritance
  • Working with constructor
  • Insert data into the database table using Classes
  • Working with import, export and change parameters of a class [SE38]
  • Working on Polymorphism
  • Enhancement of a Standard Class
  • ABAP Classes in Workflow
  • Working with events in a Global Class
  • Working with Interfaces
  • Creating a global class from a local class
  • Create Transaction for local class method
  • Persistent Objects: A Quick Reference
  • Binding in ABAP Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding “ABAP Unit”
  • Abstract Classes and Methods in Object Oriented Programming
  • Final Classes and Methods in Object Oriented Programming
  • Redefining methods in subclass
  • Event Handler Technique in Object oriented ABAP

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How to Reject Parked Document in SAP?

Document parking in SAP System can be use to enter and store (park) incomplete documents without carrying out extensive data entry checks (CO object, fund, etc.) Parked documents can be completed, checked and then posted at a later date – if necessary by a different data entry clerk.

When a document is parked and ready for review/approval, the document is parked with the ‘Save as Complete’ button. This gives an indicator on the document that acts as a trigger for workflow. The parked document is then routed to the approver based on workflow configuration per business area. The approver reviews the parked document, makes changes as needed and posts the parked document to the system. Or the reviewer can reject the parked document.

In this user guide, you will learn step by step how to reject a parked document using FBV6 transaction in SAP.
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Reversal of Goods Receipt in SAP

Reversal of Goods Receipt in SAP is used when you posted the Goods Receipt for all the quantity and you only received a partial shipment. You may need to use this when a change order is needed to adjust the purchase order from its original amount (quantities). This procedure is applicable in either case, whether you need to increase or decrease the quantities to the purchase order. This step is necessary to allow the Procurement department to perform the necessary change(s) to the purchasing document.

Find below download links to guides for different Goods Receipt Reversal scenarios..
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SAP BI – Entreprise Data Warehouse

The Entreprise Data Warehouse is a core component of the SAP Business Intelligence module. One which is vital to keeping the data integrity and stored in an efficient way to for reporting.

You will also learn about the basic functions of a BI consultant and how the Enterprise Data Warehouse is one of the most important tools for you as a Business Intelligence consultant.
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SAP HR Recruitment End User Manual

In this SAP HR Recruitment End User Tutorial Guide, you will find step by step usage methodologies with screenshots and explanatory instructions for each of the following processes stated below;

  • Maintain Vacancy [PO13]
  • Maintain Advertisement [PBAW]
  • Maintain Applicant Data [PB40]
  • Selection Procedure [PBAE]
  • List of Standard Recruitment Reports

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