Yet Another Step by Step ABAP Query Tutorial

ABAP Query is a functional tool used to develop simple report by writing queries instead of writing ABAP report program i.e. without ABAP coding. All you need is to join the table and drag and drop field that you wish to occur in the report.

This document gives brief introduction on ABAP concepts and stepwise approach to create ABAP Query. Step by step approach of creating ABAP query is covered as following in this tutorial:

  • Create User Group [SQ03]
  • Create Infoset [SQ02]
  • Create Queries [SQ01]

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How to Configure Email on SAP ?

SAPconnect provides a direct connection to the Internet using the SMTP plug-in of the SAP Web Application Server. This enables you to send and receive Internet mails without the need for an additional external communication system, as well as faxes and text messages (pager/SMS). The SMTP plug-in is available for Internet mail as of SAP Web AS 6.10, and for fax and text messages (pager/SMS) as of SAP Web AS 6.20.

The purpose of this document is to detail the steps required to setup email from SAP with configuration of SMTP. See the step by step covered processes below:

  • Configure user ID email addresses [SU01]
  • Configure SMTP Node [SCOT]
  • Testing the email [SO01]
  • Pushing queued messages manually [SCOT]

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Sample SAP Production Planning (PP) Business Blueprint (BBP)

This document describes the proposed blue print for SAP Implementation at a company. It outlines all the business processes associated within the scope of implementation. The intent of the document is to define the TO-BE model for the process for which an AS-IS study was conducted during the knowledge gathering phase.

The production planning within SAP (PP) would encompass all activities relating to Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and processing through production. It would include master data maintenance and the controlling transactions needed for the same.

The blueprint aims to cover all the business processes within the scope of the project and in case there are any processes which are not covered for lack of clarity, better solution, etc these would be detailed as additions to the blueprint as and when they are ready. See below the covered topics;

  • Organizational Structure
  • Material Master: Bill Of Material, Work Center, Routing
  • Demand Management
  • MRP
  • MRP Controller
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Process Execution
  • Process Flow
  • PP Standard Report

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SAP Production Planning (PP) User Training Manual

This training manual provides a step-by-step to SAP PP Processes with all steps having screenshots and clear instructions. See below the outline of the document:

  • Master Data In PP Module
  • Bill Of Material (Bom)
  • Work Center
  • Routing
  • Planned Independent Requirements
  • MRP
  • Stock/ Requirements List
  • Production Order Execution & Production Order Change
  • Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Overload
  • Capacity Leveling- Work Center View( Tabular), Capacity Leveling (Graphical), Capacity Leveling (Orders)
  • Goods Issue & Goods Issue (Reversal)
  • Production Order Confirmation & Canceling Production Order Confirmation
  • Goods Receipt For An Order
  • Stock Overview
  • Production Order Information System
  • Collective Conversion Of Planned Orders
  • Rework Orders

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SAP Basis Quick Overview Training for Beginners

This unique introductory training provides easy-to-understand instructions for SAP Basis terms. After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  • Outline simple client/server configurations
  • Describe the processing flow for user requests in SAP Systems
  • Name the most important processes on an SAP Web Application Server
  • Define the term instance and recognize the characteristics of a central instance
  • Outline the structure and architecture of an SAP system
  • List the technical components of the  SAP Web Application Server
  • Describe the process of the start procedure of an SAP System
  • Start the entire SAP System or individual instances
  • Create and Release Transport Requests
  • Schedule and monitor jobs
  • Create output devices
  • Authorization concept

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Daily SAP Basis Activities Guide for Beginners

After reading this comprehensive material, you will get an overview for the most used SAP Basis Activities for the following processes;

  • Active Servers [SM51]
  • Work process overview [SM50]
  • User Overview [SM04]
  • Active Users [Al08]
  • System Logs [SM21]
  • ABAP runtime error/ ABAP dumps [ST22]
  • Client Administration
  • User Management [SU01]
  • RFC Destination [SM59]
  • System Profiles [RZ10]
  • Logon Group  (Logon Load Balancing) [SMLG]
  • Lock Entries [SM12]
  • Background Job management [ SM36] / [SM37]
  • Update Management [SM13]
  • Kernel Upgrade Step by Step

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SAP HR Organizational Management User Manual

Organizational Management in SAP is based on the concept that each element in an organization represents a stand-alone object with individual characteristics. These objects are created and maintained separately, then linked together through relationships to form a network which has the flexibility to handle human resource forecasting, and reporting.

In this SAP HR User Manual, you will find introductory and HR data maintaining notes of following topics,

  • Building Blocks in Organizational Management
  • Relationships between the Organizational Management Objects
  • Organization and Staffing Changes [PPOME]
  • Creating Organizational Unit [PO10]
  • Creating Positions[PO13]
  • Creating Job [PO03]
  • Attaching Person to Position[PO13]

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