A Complete Guide to Enterprise Structure in SAP FI/CO

This document covers the required steps of configuration for the SAP FI/CO enterprise structure. You will find definitions and step-by-step guide to customizations with IMG paths and screenshots provided. See content below:

  • Definition of Company, Company Code, Fiscal Year, Account Groups, Chart of Account, Normal posting period, Special posting period, Posting Period Variant, Fiscal Year, Fiscal Year Variant, Document Number, Field Status Variant, Tolerance Groups for Employees,
  • Customization / Configurations steps to Define Company, Define Company Code, Assignment of Co. Code to Company, Maintain Fiscal Year Variant, Assign Co. Code to Fiscal Year Variant , Define Variants for Open Close Posting Periods, Open & Close Posting Periods, Assign Posting Period Variants to Company Code , Document Number Ranges , Defining Document Types , Defining Maximum Exchange Rate Difference per Company Code, Maintain Field Status Variants, Define Tolerance Groups for Employees, Assign Co Code to Chart Of Account, Maintain Controlling Area.

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Step by Step SAP PP End User Manual

This document contains step-by-step set of instructions with screenshots for the most commonly used SAP Production Planning processes. Instructions may not be broken down into much details but it will still be a good reference for PP End Users.

A list of major topics covered in this step-by-step SAP material is below;

  • Check Scheduling Agreement [MD04]
  • Check Stock Of Material [MMBE]
  • Exploded BOM View [CS11]
  • Reservation Creation: By Manual Creation Through MB21, Reservation Display [MB25], Stock Transfer Posting [MB26 ], By Manual Creation Through [MB1B ]
  • Check Bill Of Material [CS03]: Checking Standard BOM, Adding An Alternative BOM
  • Check Routing – [CA03]: Checking Standard Routing, Adding An Alternative Routing
  • Production Order Creation – Manual [CO01]
  • Shop Floor Printing – Production Order [CO04]
  • Production Order Confirmation [CO11N ]
  • Quality Inspectation [QA32]
  • Production Order Settlement [KO88]
  • Production Order (Technically Complete) [CO02]
  • Check Production Order Reports
  • Production Order – Through Demand Management
  • MRP – For Planned Order + Purchase Requisition

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The OpenSQL Editor for SAP has finally arrived

You also think that an SQL Editor is missing from the SAP environment? Not any more! Hovitaga developed an SAP add-on that greatly extends the ABAP Workbench.

The main feature of the OpenSQL Editor is that it can instantly execute every syntactically correct SELECT statement. You can join multiple tables and use complex WHERE clauses, there are no limitations. Just build your query, press F8 and see the result in a ALV Grid or ALV Tree. There is no easier way to get this done! Your possibilities go far beyond the SE16N and the tool is much more flexible than the SAP Query. Besides that you can also execute UPDATE and DELETE commands, but only if you have the proper authorizations.

Let’s take a closer look.

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SAP BI Project Implementation: Do and Don’ts with Best Practices

Major SAP project implementations requires careful monitoring process and clear definition of milestones.  Reaching a milestone at the prescribed deadlines requires the milestones to be broken into various tasks and the resources that are going to complete those tasks.

In this document you will find details about the learning’s of one of the major Business Intelligence Project Implementation. Major topics are listed below which elaborated in this material:

  • Requirement Gathering And Analysis
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Deploy Phase
  • Evolve Phase
  • Project Organization
  • Deliverables And Acceptance Criteria
  • Project Communication & Control Mechanisms
  • Risk Management

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Beginner’s Guide to Daily SAP Purchasing Processes for Reference

This document contains step-by-step self notes with detailed screenshots to SAP Purchasing related daily processes. You can see the list of covered content below:

  • Assign and Process Purchase Requisitions [ME57]
  • View Purchase Orders (ME23N & ME22N) [ME23N]
  • Printing a Purchase Order [ME23N]
  • Open PO Report [ME2L]
  • MRP Rescheduling
  • Finding POs by Part Numbers [ME2M]
  • Locating Vendor Information [XK03]
  • Finding Spend by Supplier [ME2L]
  • Interplant Shipments (MD04) []
  • Blocked Invoices [MRBR] & [FBL1N]
  • Changing Purchase Groups [MD04]
  • Faxing a SAP PO [ME22N]
  • Obsolete Materials [MD04]
  • Changing Lead times [ME32K]
  • Safety Lead Time [MM02] ( MRP2 Tab)
  • No Source List [ME57]
  • Outside Processes – an Example of a process
  • NCMR Process [QM03]
  • Managing Low Value Inventories (Process)
  • MRP and ROP

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SAP MM Material Valuation Basics: Everything You Want to Know

Demonstrating a connection between Materials Management (MM) and Financial Accounting (FI), the
Material Valuation determines and maintains the stock value of a material in SAP.

This document gives an overview of the determination of valuation levels for materials using the valuation area, and the two possible procedures for material valuation. See the content below:

  • The significance of the valuation area
  • The function of the valuation class
  • Material valuation with the moving average price
  • Material valuation with the standard price

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