SAP SD Variant Configuration Presentation for Beginners

Variant Configuration in SAP is a tool which helps to simplify the complex manufacturing of final product more varieties and variation of the input material. This presentation aims to walk you through the steps of building a simple Variant Configuration model. See the content below:

  • Steps for Creating Characteristics [CT04]
  • Steps for Creating Classes [CL02]
  • Steps for Creating Configurable Material [MM01]
  • Steps for Creating Configuration Profile [CU41]
  • Steps for Creating Dependencies [CU01]
  • Process Flow for Creating Sales Order of Configurable Materials

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SAP SD Pricing: In Depth Step by Step Configuration Guide

Pricing is one of the most important topic of SD module in SAP. Once you understand this concept it will be easier for you to grip other SAP SD topics. After reading this document you will have clear idea about pricing procedures. See the content below:

  • The Condition Technique in Pricing: Define Condition Table [V/03]
  • Create Access Sequence: Maintain Access Sequence [V/07], Optimize Access Sequence
  • Create Condition Type: Maintain Condition Type [V/06], Define Upper/Lower limits for Condition [OVB2], Check Setting for Condition Types
  • Check Condition Record: Create Condition Type [VK11], Maintain Scale for Condition, Tracking Cumulative Value with Condition Update
  • Pricing Procedure: Maintain Pricing Procedure [V/08], Define Customer Pricing Procedure [OVKP] , Define Document Pricing Procedure [OVKI], Assign Document Pricing Procedure to Order Type [OVKJ], Assign Document Pricing Procedure to Billing Type [OVTP], Define Pricing Procedure Determination [OVKK], Check Setting for Pricing Procedure
  • Define Pricing by Item Categories [OVK0]
  • Maintain Price Relevant Master Data Field: Define Price List Categories For Customer, Define Pricing Groups for Customer, Define Material Group
  • Maintain Pricing Reports
  • Condition Exclusion: Define Condition Exclusion for Groups [OV31], Assign Condition Types to Condition Exclusion [OV32], Maintain Condition Exclusion for Pricing Procedure [VOK8]
  • Pricing Agreements: Define Promotion
  • Set up Sales Deals: Define Sales Deals, Condition Type Group (Assign Condition Type/ Table Condition Type Group, Assign Condition Type Groups/Sales Deals)

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Introductory Guides to Product Costing in SAP Controlling

In this 2 part of series, you will find notes for the SAP functionality of product costing along with the corresponding configuration settings.

In first part, you will get an overview of:

  • Cost Component Structure overview
  • Master data for product costing (materials, BoM, Recipe etc.)
  • Costing variants
  • Valuation variant
  • Transfer Control concepts
  • Costing type, Costing version, Marking allowance
  • Costing sheets for overheads
  • Cost center planning and activity rates
  • Joint production, co-products, by-products
  • Costing of materials sourced from other plants

and in second part, you will get an overview of following topics:

  • Process Order Costing
  • Overheads Application
  • Period End: WIP/Variances/Settlement
  • FI Entries for Process Order Steps and PE Closing
  • Actual Activity Price Calculation and Cost Center absorption

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SAP CRM UI Cookbook: Step by Step Tutorials

This document provides instructions and step-by-step guides to following SAP CRM topics:

  • Define and assign Business Roles [CRMC_UI_PROFILE]
  • Define role configuration key
  • Define navigation bar profile
  • Transaction Launcher
  • MVC Concept
  • BOL & GenIL
  • Component Workbench:MVC
  • Controller
  • Context and Context Nodes
  • Config Tool
  • Window Concept
  • UI Elements: OVP, View Sets, View Areas and View
  • Component Concepts
  • Component & Custom Controllers
  • Global Data Context(GDC)
  • Enhancement Set
  • Enhancing Standard Components
  • Creation of a new component with views and viewsets
  • Creation of Buttons
  • Event Handling
  • Navigation Concepts

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SAP TFIN20 & TFIN22 Summary Notes for CO Certification Exam (C_TFIN22_64)

Similar to the TFIN50 & TFIN52 summary documents, in this post I’ll share summary notes from TFIN20 & TFIN22 books which are required for SAP MAnagement Accounting (CO) Certification Exam (C_TFIN22_64). You can read more about CO Certification details and Competency ares per topics at SAP’s official C_TFIN22_64 site.
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SAP TFIN50 & TFIN52 Summary Notes for FI Certification Exam (C_TFIN52_64)

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) Certification which you can find details at C_TFIN52_64, requires mostly SAP Academy Materials of TFIN50 and TFIN52. Around ~%90 of 80 certification questions are asked from these materials. You can see the competency areas per topics at C_TFIN52_64 page again.

Studying TFIN50 & TFIN52 books deeply, line by line is advised. However revising your studies before certification exam is also essential. At this stage, the documents I share below becomes very handful with jotted down important points per topic from both TFIN50 & TFIN52 books.

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