Step by Step Reference Guide to SAP (CIN) FI Excise Duty Procedures

Excise duty in SAP is a special function designed for India according to local requirements under Country India Version (CIN) template. In this document you will read various processes related to Excise of following procedures with screenshots:

  • TR6 Challan Creation [J1IH]
  • CENVAT Utilization [J2IUN]
  • Registers Updation (RG1, RG23) [J1I5]
  • Registers Extraction [J2I5]
  • CENVAT Register [J2I9]
  • ER1 Report [J2IER1]

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SAP ABAP Development Standarts Guidance for Beginners

This Guideline provides development standards and examples for the Spares SAP R/3 system. Therefore design, style, naming and documentation conventions for an optimized Customizing and Development are defined in here. The document is created for all internal and external employees, which are involved in SAP- development, customizing and maintenance.

All conventions and procedures of this document have to be considered. Objects that does not fulfil the defined standards within this guideline, will not be accepted and not transported from the development instance.

The relevant official SAP-guidelines are the base for all developments and are linked within this document. This document is a further detailed guide for Spares development.

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