Step by Step Training Manual for SAP FI Frequently Used Transactions

In the following training manual, you will find a series of step by step guides with screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 version for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable transactions:

  1. General Ledger Posting
  2. Changing accounting document
  3. Display accounting document
  4. Posting of vendor advance
  5. Posting of vendor Invoice (FI)
  6. Clearing of vendor advance
  7. Vendor final payment
  8. Vendor invoice with reference to purchase order and TDS
  9. Customer advance posting
  10. Posting of customer Invoice (FI)
  11. Customer advance clearing
  12. Customer payment receipt
  13. Asset acquisition
  14. Check asset overview
  15. AUC settlement to main asset
  16. Depreciation posting
  17. Sale of fixed asset
  18. Cash journal
  19. GL line item display
  20. Vendor line item display
  21. Customer line item display
  22. Reverse document
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Beginners Guide to Taxation in SAP CIN (India)

In this document you will find screenshots, examples and extensive notes on country version India (cin) and the various requirements which are to be completed under the Indian statute, how cin interfaces with SAP SD, Mm and FI processes and meets the report requirements.

Following are the content of this step by step tutorial guide:

  • Define Tax Procedures
    1. TAXINN
    2. TAXINJ – only procedure
    3. Assign Country to Calculation Procedure
    4. Activate Country Version India for Specific Fiscal Years
    5. Defining Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases
  • Define Access Sequence.
    1. JTAX
    2. JST1
  • Define Condition Types
    1. MM Excise condition types
    2. SD Condition Types
    3. Service Tax Condition Types
  • Checking and Changing [Account Key] Settings for
    1. Tax Processing
  • Define Tax Accounts

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Document Entry & Account Analysis in SAP FI Accounts Payable Module

This sample document explains the various accounting transactions in accounts payable such as parking checking and approving invoices in SAP Financials (FI). It will also help in understanding how Accounts Payable records all accounting transactions for dealings with suppliers.

Following scenarios covered in this guide relating to vendor transactions :

  • Vendor Invoice [FB60]
  • Vendor Invoice General [F-43]
  • Vendor Credit Memo [FB65]
  • Vendor Credit Memo General [F-41]
  • Display Vendor Balances [FK10N]
  • Display / Change Line Items [FBL1N]
  • Clear Vendor [F-44]
  • Park or Edit Invoice [FV60]
  • Park/Edit Credit Memo [FV65]

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SAP GUI 7.3 Download for Windows & MAC – Patch Level 15 Added

SAP GUI 7.3 for Windows, the successor to SAP GUI for Windows 7.20, has been released some days ago and available to download for SAP Customers at SAP Service Marketplace site. Several visual and usability improvements have been implemented to help users organize and complete their daily work quickly and efficiently in this version of GUI.

SAP GUI 7.3 is supported on following platforms:

  • Windows XP / 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 7 (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 R2 Server
  • Windows 8: Under evaluation (planned to be supported as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.30)

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