SAP FI User Manual: Step by Step with Screenshots

This SAP FI tutorial will take you through step by step procedures related to frequently used financial processes. In each topic, you will be provided purpose of process, IMG Menu path, transaction code, description of important fields and screenshots. The tutorial is documented as per the following sub-modules:

  • General Ledger Posting
  • Cash Journal
  • GL / Customer / Vendor Line Item Display/Change
  • Bank Payments
  • Bank Receipts
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement

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Customer Returns & Complaints Procedures in SAP: Step by Step Guide

In this document, you will find instructionsand screenshots from ECC 6.0 for handling customer reclamation in SAP based on two scenarios:

  • The first one is complaints processing which focuses on the processing of credit memos if no goods are sent back. Steps covered in this scenarios are:
    • Quality notification creation [QM01]
    • Credit Memo Request creation [VA01]
    • Credit Memo Release for billing [V23]
    • Billing [VF01]
  • In the second one goods are returned and undergo a quality evaluation in order to decide if the goods are returned to unrestricted stock or blocked stock.
    • Creating Returns [VA01]
    • Displaying Batch for Return
    • Creating Returns Delivery [VL01N]
    • Post Goods Receipt
    • Releasing Returns to Billing [V23]
    • Billing [VF01]

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