LSMW Tutorial: Step by Step Uploading Bill of Materials

LSMW tool in SAP, is used to migrate data from legacy systems to R/3 . Four methods are supported in LSMW for transfer of data: Batch Input, BAPI, IDOC or Direct Input. Total of 26 processing steps are available in LSMW, In case of data transfer using Batch Input only 14 steps are required.

In this tutorial, you will be provided a step by step guide to uploading Bill of Material (BOM) data using LSMW tool.

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SAP HANA Certification Practice Questions Set with Answers

In this following document you will find sample questions set and answers for SAP Hana Certification which is coded as C_HANAIMP_1 by SAP. The certification details can be found at SAP’s official site of HANA Certification. You can also find limited number of sample question at HANA’s Certification page. For more questions the following document will be good reference for practising. It contains 80 questions and answers are also highlighted on document.

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Document Splitting in SAP New General Ledger: Beginners Guide

Being offered in mySAP ERP, Document Splitting is one of the most powerful feature in New General Ledger. Document Splitting allows users to split accounting line items according to specific characteristics. This way users can create financial statements for entities such as ‘Segments’ and meet the legal requirements.

Starting with constructing concepts, the author provides crystal-clear notes understanding features, processes of Document Splitting. See the content below:

  • Document Splitting – Basic Steps
    • Passive Splitting
    • Active Splitting – Rule-based Splitting
    • Splitting Using Zero Balancing
  • Document Splitting – Important Elements
    • Splitting Rules
    • Item Category
    • Business Transaction and Business Transaction Variant
    • Zero Balancing G/L Account
    • Splitting Method
  • Document Splitting – How does it work?
    • Document Splitting Example – Vendor Invoice
    • Document Splitting Example – Vendor Payment
    • Document Splitting Example – Zero-Balancing
    • Document Splitting – End-user Perspective
  • Document Splitting – Setting Up
  • Document Splitting – Tips and Tricks
    • Tip: Zero-Balancing Accounts
    • Tip: Document Simulation in the New GL
    • Tip: Testing Document Splitting
    • Tip: Review Document Splitting Rules

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