Depreciation Calculation in SAP New General Ledger: Overview

Reading this document, users will gain fair knowledge about new Depreciation Calculation feature provided in New General Ledger of the following topics;

  • Scope of new Depreciation Calculation provided with New GL
  • The reason why the calculation changed (from transaction based calculation to period interval based calculation)
  • Comparison & Examples of Transaction Based Calculation VS Period Interval-Based Calculation
  • Configuration requirements
  • BadIs compliant with new depreciation calculation
  • Reporting
  • Asset Explorer [AW01N]
  • Relevant SAP Notes for New Depreciation Calculation

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SAP Withholding Tax Configuration in India (TDS)

This document briefly explains the required configuration process and, the end-user’s transactions with respect to Withholding Tax Configuration in SAP which is commonly known as Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) in India. Following processes is covered in this guide with screenshots:

  • Maintain Withholding Tax Countries
  • Define Withholding Tax Keys
  • Define Withholding Tax Codes
  • Portray Dependencies Between Withholding Tax Types
  • Define Min/Max Amounts for Withholding Tax Codes
  • Assign Withholding Tax Types to Company Codes
  • Activate Extended Withholding Tax
  • Define Accounts for Withholding Tax to be Paid Over
  • Check Recipient Types

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Guide to Planning Materials in SAP PM

This document intends to outline the different scenarios where maintenance plans material or service resources from a Maintenance Work Order. Certain criteria such as a type of material or warranty considerations may determine how these materials are planned and reduce the confusion and rework during the integration between Maintenance and Supply Chain.

As all of the Planning for these resources are carried out from the Operations or Components Tab of the Work Order and basic training has been carried out this outline will assume the user can navigate to a work order and to the appropriate tab to reduce the amount of screenshots and focus on the specific process.

  • Ordering Materials – Using Match Code Search
  • Ordering Materials – Using a BOM
  • Ordering Materials – Using Material Shopping Cart (MSC)
  • Ordering Materials – Repairable Spares
  • Ordering Materials – Exchange Components
  • Ordering Materials – Remanufactured
  • Ordering Materials – Direct Purchase
  • Ordering Materials – Warranty Consideration

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Step by Step Query Creation Guide Using SAP Standart Reports

Queries in SAP are useful for creating reports without having ABAP Programming knowledge. It is a very simple tool to generate complex reports for fetching data from various tables in SAP. One can either create a report or use the existing standard report to create a report that suits the needs.

This document explains how to copy standard query to generate reports with screenshots.

  • Create Infoset
  • Create User Group
  • Create Query
  • Create Transaction Code to View Query

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SAP Report Painter: A Scenario Based Step by Step Tutorial

Being mainly used for creating Controlling Module (cost center accounting, internal orders, profit center accounting), Report Painter is a tool for quickly defining reports across rows and columns in the information system. In this document, based on a scenario you will learn how to develop a custom report using Report Painter.

  • Display Library [GR23]
    • Characteristics, Key Figures,
  • Create Variables  [GS11]
  • Create Report [GRR1]
  • Report Group [GR52]
  • Transporting Reports [GCTR]

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Variant Configuration for Beginners in SAP: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide explains the steps required for Variant Configuration in SAP in depth detail. You will find well documented descriptions and screenshots for creating configurable material. Highlights from the book is as follows:

  • Characteristics
  • Class
  • Material Master
  • Super BOM
  • Super Routing
  • Configuration Profile
  • Object Dependency
  • Scenario Testing
  • Variant Price

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