Materials Management in SAP: Basic Guide to Key Users

This manual aims to guide you through the Material Management System in SAP with comprehensive, step-by-step method of instruction. This manual was designed in a modular format for the purpose of grouping major topics, and placing emphasis on frequently used procedures in MM.

  • MM Module Structure
  • Procurement Process in SAP
    MM Documents Workflow/Release-Approval (SAP Work Place) Process
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Contract /APO
  • Purchase Order
  • Service Entry Sheet
  • Goods Receipt (MIGO)
  • Reservation and Goods Issue
  • Transfer of Material with in Plants
  • Intra and Inter Company Transfer of Materials
  • Printouts of MM Documents
  • MM Module Reports
  • Sub Contracting Process
  • Inventory Analysis and Inventory Scrapping
  • MM Roles and authorization

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An Introduction to ABAP Programming

In this Introduction to ABAP Programming course the participants will learn about:

  • ABAP Editor and basics of an ABAP Program
  • Simple Output Statement
  • Data Declarations in ABAP
  • Control Statements
  • SELECT Statement
  • Internal Tables

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Introduction to ABAP Workbench

In this Introduction to ABAP Workbench course the participants will:

  • Learn the basics of ABAP Workbench
  • Introduce the Tools available in the Workbench
  • Explain the Standart Menus in the Workbench

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Advanced Techniques in ABAP Programming

In this ABAP Programming Advanced Techniques course the participants will learn:

  • To define and call Subroutines
  • To Maintain and Call Function Modules
  • Selection Crtieria for ABAP Report Programs
  • Advanced Reporting using ABAP
  • ALV Reporting
  • Logical Databases and Usage
  • Background Processing of Programs

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SAP MM – FI Integration Training Document

This training document contains instructions for integration between Materials Management (MM) and Finance (FI) modules of SAP at various points of transaction.

After studying the document, you will be able to understand,

  • Basics of Financial Management
  • How finance links to Material Management
  • Effects of actions by Materials Management on Finance.

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SAP PM: Solution Manual to Common Problems

This document provides solution descriptions to following list of commonly faced errors in SAP Plant Maintenance during day to day activities

  • Functional location does not exist [IW21]
  • Euipment does not exist [IW21]
  • No suitable documents found [ME58]
  • Goods recipt for Purchase order not allowed [ML85]
  • Purchase order has not released [ME58]
  • No limit for unplanned services exists [ME58]
  • Maintain the settlement rule of the sender [KO88]
  • Maintain settlement rule [IW32]
  • Document does not contain any selectable items [MB1A]
  • Serial number already exists [IE01]
  • Either the sender is already settled or There is nothing to settle [KO88]
  • You cannot enter unplanned services [ME58]

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SAP ECC 6.0 PM Configuration Manual – Step by Step

In this +200 page document you will find instructions for almost all conguration required in SAP Plant Maintenance module during customization works. Each topic contains IMG menu path & screenshots. Content of documents from initial pages are as follows:

  • Maintain Maintenance Planning Plant
  • Assign Maintenance Planning Plant to Maintenance Plant
  • Define Location
  • Define Plant Sections
  • Define Planner Groups
  • Define Currency for Maintenance Statistics
  • Define Permit Categories
  • Define Measuring Point Categories
  • Create Number Ranges for Measuring Points
  • Create Number Ranges for Measurement documents
  • Define Field Selection for Measuring Points and Measurement Documents
  • Define Warranty Types
  • Define Partner Determination Procedure and Partner Function
  • Define Types of Technical ObjectsDefine ABC Indicators and many more…

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