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SAP Song..Let’s Relax Some:)

 Here is SAP Song i have met on web.Cool one indeed,just download,listen to and enjoy it.


You’re talking about known new we’ve got to meet
You tell a lot about your e-business history
You are so proud to be in a inner world wide way
But what the hell could be your matched important steps
You listen to your worker every night and day
The willing employees of our company have nearly blew away
You love your customers you want to keep it
But what the hell you ask yourself is real time see I am
Don¡¯t hesitate don¡¯t worry
You can come on and ask us all
We¡¯ve got the answer to your questions
To get it the way we can make it go
SAP is what you need
SAP is the best one Read more

Workflow Introduction

What are SAP Business Workflows:
    • Using SAP Business workflows, one can define the business processes that are not yet mapped into SAP system. Workflows are suitable for the situations where the given task is executed repeatedly or when the large number of people is involved in the completion of that work. Workflows can be used in conjunction with the existing business scenarios e.g. during the standard functionality errors or exceptions occurs then workflow can be triggered on these actions.


    There are lots of standard workflows available from SAP for different areas like Sales & Distribution (SD), Travel Management (TV), Treasury (TR), General Logistics (LO), and Personnel Management (PA) etc, many of these things will required traveling a lot, but with twiddy rentals that is not a big problem.

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Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method

This document contains Step-by-Step instructions to use LSMW to generate and process IDOC from the data file available. In first part user-defined IDOC structure is created and required ALE settings are done .In the Second part, this IDOC structure is used in the LSMW IDOC Read more

Beginner’s Guide to eCATT

In this course, you will learn

  • What and when you need to test in the SAP Solution Lifecycle
  • The advantages of eCATT for testing SAP systems compared with other automated test tools
  • How to set up your system environment for testing with eCATT
  • How to create test cases to test various different kinds of SAP applications
  • How to create executable tests, and how these can be managed using the SAP Test Workbench
  • How to migrate CATT objects to eCATT

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