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Condition Tables

Condition Table:

  • Condition records are always created using a specific key.
  • Use tables for help in defining the structure of condition record keys
  • The most important fields used in pricing at header and item level are available in the standard system.
  • As of R/3 Release 4.5, you can also add non-key fields to the condition tables. This is the case, for example, in condition table 144, which is used within the price book (condition type PBUD).
  • The key fields of a condition table must appear at the start of the table, in other words, non-key fields must not appear between any two key fields.
  • Condition table: The definition of the key of the condition record.

Availability Check (ATP) & Transfer of Requirement (TOR)


Types of Availability Check in Sales and Distribution

ProcessingThere are three types of availability check:
_ Check on the basis of the ATP quantities
_ Check against product allocation
_ Check against planning
The following SD-specific control features need to be maintained in Customizing: Read more

Abap Training Set 8: Smartforms, ABAP Objects

Smartforms,Abap Objects,Overview of Unicode


Chapter 01 Introduction to SmartForms
Chapter 02 Global Settings
Chapter 03 Pages & Windows
Chapter 04 Basic Nodes
Chapter 05 Auxiliary Nodes
Chapter 06 Debugging SmartForm & User Defined Exceptions Read more

ABAP Training Set 7: SAPScript



Chapter 01 SAPScript Overview
Chapter 02 SAPScript Forms
Chapter 03 Coding in the SAPScript editor
Chapter 04 SAPScript – Output Program
Chapter 05 SAPScript – Configuration
Chapter 06 Printing SAPScript Forms
Chapter 07 Debugging SAPScripts Read more


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