SAP GUI 7.50 is uploaded and added to links.

ABAP Training Set 6: User Exits and BADIs

User Exit and BADI


Chapter 01 User Exits
Chapter 02 Business Addins (BAdi) and more… Read more

ABAP Training Set 5: Data Interface

Data Interface


Chapter 01 Background Processing
Chapter 02 Application Server Files
Chapter 03  Presentation Server Files
Chapter 04 Batch Input Methods
Chapter 05  Batch Input Session
Chapter 06  Processing Batch Input Sessions
Chapter 07  Call Transaction Method
Chapter 08  Batch Input Recorder
Read more

ABAP Training Set 4: Online Programming

Online Programming


Chapter 01 Introduction to Online Programming
Chapter 02 Online Programming Example
Chapter 03 Screen  Painter
Chapter 04 ABAP Dictionary
Chapter 05 Automatic Screen Field Checks
Chapter 06 Issuing Messages
Chapter 07 UserDefinedChecks Read more

ABAP Training Set 3: Interactive Reporting, ALV

Interactive Reporting,ALV


Chapter 01 Introduction to Interactive Reporting
Chapter 02 ABAP Events
Chapter 03 The AT PF ## Event
Chapter 04 The AT USER-COMMAND Event and Menu Painter
Chapter 05 Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a GUI
Chapter 06 Review of Concepts-Work Areas & Internal Tables
Chapter 07 The AT-LINE SELECTION Event (SY-LISEL vs. HIDE)
Chapter 08 Multiple Line Selection

Read more


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