Commonly Used Transactions for EDI Support

Transaction               Function

 IDOC Maintenance

 WEDI                      SAP Easy Access – EDI and IDOC Basis

 WE02/05/09             Change/Display/Search IDOC

 WE07                      IDOC Statistics (IDOCs in Error)

 WE19                      Inbound IDOC Testing Tool

 BD87                       Process IDOC Read more


SAP Labs Guides

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IDoc Cookbook for EDI and Interfaces

This book is an in-depth discussion and cookbook for IDoc development in R/3 for EDI and eCommerce


1 Where Has the Money Gone?
2 What Are SAP R/3 IDocs?
3 Get a Feeling for IDocs
4 Exercise: Setting Up IDocs
5 Sample Processing Routines
6 IDocs Terminology and Basic Tools
7 IDocs Customising
Read more