Frequently Used Procedures in SAP

Disable Multiple Logins in the Same Client

To disable multiple user logins within the same client implement this parameter in the instance profile:

login/disable_multi_gui_login = 1

If you do not use this parameter in your system, users have the ability to ignore the warning window at the time they try to login to the same client.

Activating this parameter in your system will make you look good if you get audited! Read more


SAP Labs Guides

SAP Labs Made Easy Guides

Authorization Made Easy
CATT Made Easy
Data Transfer Made Easy
EDI Configuration Guide
MRP Made Easy
Online Store Made Easy Guide
Preconfigured Client Guide Read more

SAP Song..Let’s Relax Some:)

 Here is SAP Song i have met on web.Cool one indeed,just download,listen to and enjoy it.


You’re talking about known new we’ve got to meet
You tell a lot about your e-business history
You are so proud to be in a inner world wide way
But what the hell could be your matched important steps
You listen to your worker every night and day
The willing employees of our company have nearly blew away
You love your customers you want to keep it
But what the hell you ask yourself is real time see I am
Don¡¯t hesitate don¡¯t worry
You can come on and ask us all
We¡¯ve got the answer to your questions
To get it the way we can make it go
SAP is what you need
SAP is the best one Read more

SAP Tables For All Modules&All Transaction Codes

Tables for all Sap Modules


Basic Data / Administration
Master Data
Sales And Distribution (Sd)
Material Management (Mm)
Warehouse Management (Wm)
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Sap Glossary(A Must For All!)

Here is the complete SAP Glossary for you to view it offline on your own local storage~

After downloading all parts,extract files.Move folder whereever you want to store and make a shortcut to for the file “SapGlossary0001827.chm” inside the folder..Just like D:\SAP DOCUMENTS\SapGlossary0001827.chm

Enjoy it! Read more

SAP R/3 Functions In Detail(A Must For Beginners)

The documents describe the functionality and configuration of IDES on R/3 systems.Very useful for those new to SAP IDES

The Ides Model Company
Financial Accounting
Investmen Management
Materials Management
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