What is Web Dynpro?

Generic Definition : WebDynpro is a great modeling environment whitch stores the user-interface details in the form of metadata. We can write less code and fix bugs in a shorter time with lesser effort. It increases a programmer’s productivity by manifolds.

Webdynpro is nothing but one framework for developement of user interface for use with SAP NetWeaver.It support programming for different platform such as JAVA ,ABAP,.NET .

In case of JAVA webdynpro comes with extensive design tool .Thease tools are based upon Eclipse framework ans SAP’s NWDS Read more

Working with ALV and Select Options in SAP

This tutorial explains about Step-By-Step procedure for creating select options and displaying data using ALV. This tutorial is about displaying material as select option and displays those material details in the form of ALV.


Creating WebDynpro Component
Specify Used Components
Creating Context Attributes and Implement the Methods
Create View
Embed the View in to Window
Creating WebDynpro Application
Result Read more

Integrating Web Dynpro and SAP NetWeaver Portal

Web Dynpro Tutorials


Part 1: Creating Web Dynpro-Based Portal Content
Summary:This article describes the creation of Web Dynpro for Java iViews on top of the Web Dynpro page builder. In addition, differences in iViews created within an SAP NetWeaver 04 portal are discussed

Part II: Using Portal Navigation within a Web Dynpro Application
Summary:This article describes the usage of portal navigation capabilities within a Web Dynpro application running in SAP NetWeaver Portal. Besides the standard navigation capabilities, we discuss how to suspend and resume a Web Dynpro application when running in SAP NetWeaver Portal and some advanced navigation possibilities. Read more

Web Dynpro for Java

Web Dynpro for Java -From a Developer’s Perspective-

Web Dynpro is SAP‘s browser-based programming model, which is a central part of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. This presentation describes concepts and features for developing Web user interfaces of complex business applications based on the Java programming language.


Web Dynpro Concepts from a Developer’s Perspective
Development Life Cycle
Integration of Web Dynpro Applications in the Portal Platform
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Web Dynpro Tutorials

Web Dynpro tutorials for beginners

Tutorial 1-Create a Simple Web Dynpro Application
Tutorial 2 – BAPI Usage
Tutorial 3 – Navigation
Tutorial 4 – Display Bookings for Selected Flights
Tutorial 5 – Component and Application Configuration
Tutorial 6 – Component Usage
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