This post contains frequently used transaction codes for Reporting in SAP Materials Management module.

Materials Management: Master Data Reports

Master Data    
  MM03 Display Material Master
  MK03 Display Vendor – Purchasing
  MK04 Purchasing Vendor Changes
  XK03 Display Vendor – Central
  XK04 Central Vendor Changes
  ME1L Info Records by Vendor
  ME1M Info Records by Material
  ME1P Purchase Order Price History
  ME1E Quotation Price History
  ME13 Display Info Record
  ME14 Display Info Record Changes
  ME03 Display Source List
  ME04 Display Source List Changes
  MEQ3 Display Quota Arrangement
  MEQ4 Display Quota Arrangement Changes
  MKVZ Display Purchasing Vendor List
  MKVG Display Vendor Condition Groups
  MSC3N Display Batch

MEKA Display Purchasing Conditions
  MN03 Display Message Condition – RFQ
  MN06 Display Message Condition – Purchase Order
  MN09 Display Message Condition – Scheduling Ag.
  MN12 Display Message Condition – Delivery Sched.
  MM60 Display Materials List

Materials Management: Procurement and Stock Reports

Logistics Information Reports (Stock)    

MCBA Plant

MCBC Storage Location
  MCBE Material
  MCBR Batches
  MC.9 Material Stock
  MC.A Material Receipts / Issues
  MC.B Inventory Turnover – Material
  MC.1 Plant Stock
  MC.2 Plant Receipts / Issues
  MC.3 Plant Inventory Turnover
  MC.5 Stock – Storage Location
  MC.6 Storage Location Receipts / Issues
  MC.7 Storage Location Inventory Turnover
Purchasing Information System

  MCE1 Purchase Group Analysis
  MCE3 Vendor Analysis
  MCE5 Material Groups Analysis
  MCE7 Material Analysis
  MC$G Material Purchasing Values

MC$I Material Purchasing Quantities
  MC$O Material Frequencies
  MC$4 Vendor Purchasing Values
  MC$6 Vendor Purchasing Quantities
  MC$: Vendor Frequencies
  MC$0 Purchasing Group Values
  MC$2 Purchasing Group Frequencies
  MC$< Material Group Purchasing Values
  MC$> Material Group Purchasing Quantities
  MC$E Material Group Frequencies
Purchasing Reports    
  ME80FN General Analysis of Purchasing Documents
  ME81N Analysis of Order Values
  ME23N Display Purchase Order
  ME53N Display Purchase Requisition
  ME5A List Display Of Requistions
  ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement
  ME39 Display Delivery Schedule
  ME43 Display RFQ
  ME4L List RFQ by Vendor
  ME4M List RFQ by Material
  ME4S List RFQ by Collective Number
  ME48 Display Quotation
  ME2L Purchasing Documents per Vendor
  ME2M Purchasing Documents per Material
  ME2K Purchasing Documents by Account Assignment
  ME2W Purchasing Document by Supplying Plant
  ME2V Expected Goods Receipts
  MD13 Display Planned Order Single
  MD16 Display Planned Order Collective
Invoice Reports    

MB5S List of GR/IR balances

MIR6 Invoice Overview

MIR4 Display Invoice

MIR5 Display Invoice List
Stock Reports    

MMBE Stock Overview

MB51 Material Document List

MB03 Display Material Document

MB54 Vendor consignment stocks

CO09 Material Availability

MB5C Batch Where Used Pick Up List
Physical Inventory Reports

MI22 Physical Inventory Document – material

MI23 Physical Inventory Data – material

MIDO Physical Inventory Overview

MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document

MI06 Display Count Document
MRP Reorder Point    
  MD21 Display Planning File Entries
  MDRE Planning File Entries Consistency Report
  MD04 Stock Requirements List
  MD05 MRP List Material Display
  MD06 MRP List Collective Display
  MD07 Stock Requirements List Collective