SAP CO-PA Configuration Guide [123 Pages PDF with Screenshots]

The aim of this guide is to provide required configuration (SPRO) steps maintained in Profitability Anaylsis (CO-PA) in SAP Controlling module. Costing Based and Account-Based Profitability related configurations are provided in this document:

  • Define Operating Concern [KEA0]
  • Assign Controlling Area to Operating Concern [KEKK]
  • Set Operating Concern [KEBD]
  • Assingn Value Fields [KE4I]
  • Assign Quantity Fields [E4MI]
  • Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Direct Postings [KE12]
  • Define Structure of Cost Center Assessment Process Cost Assessment [KEU1]
  • Activate Profitability Analysis [KEKE]
  • Activate Profitability Analysis [KER1]
  • Create Profitability Report [KE31]
  • Set Control Parameters for Actual Data
  • Maintain Plan Versions [OKEQ]
  • Define Number ranges for local Documents [GB02]
  • Maintain Automatic Account Assignment of Revenue Elements [OKB9]
  • Choose Additional Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts

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SAP FI Notes from Training Institute Course (264 Pages Scanned PDF)

This training intitute course covers brief notes and end-to-end implementation steps to configure SAP Finance module. Generally following topics are highlighted in notes;

  • FI Enterprise Structure Configurations
  • ASAP Methodology
  • General FI Basic Configuration Settings
  • Accounts Payables
  • Advances – Down Payment
  • House Bank & Check Management
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS)
  • Bad Debts
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Asset Accounting
  • Revaluation of Assets

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SAP Funds Management Set-up Guide

This document describes basic set-up activities (with SPRO) needed to carry out in SAP Funds Management module.

  • Activate Global Funds Management Functions (PSM-FM)
  • Activate Global Functions for Budgeting (FM-BCS)
  • Define Global Parameters [OF15]
  • Define Number range for FM Area and Assign [OF19], [OF33]

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SAP FI-AP Manual for Common Day-to-Day Transactions

This manual provides instructions for performing daily procedures for Accounts Payable application of SAP Finance module (SAP FI-AP).

  • How to post Vendor Invoice (Non GR Based) ?
  • How to Post Credit Memo ?
  • How to Post Vendor Invoice (GR Based)?
  • How to do mass invoice posting?
  • How to make Vendor Down Payment?
  • How to make vendor manual payment ?
  • How to do Vendor Payment in Mass?
  • How to make automatic Payment with Payment Advice?
  • How to post Supplementary Bills?
  • How to make Vendor clearing?
  • How to check purchase order History ?
  • How to Display Vendor Invoice?
  • How to Display vendor Balance?
  • How to automail Vendor Payment Advice?

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FI Fixed Asset Configution in SAP S4 Hana Enterprise Management

Acting as a sub ledger to the Finance Module in SAP, Fixed Asset Accounting allows managing master data records of fixed assets in an organization.

This SAP FI-AA Configuration guide contains features and settings to effectively track your organization’s fixed assets. Following list of customization procedures are captured in detail;

  • Specify Description of Chart of Depreciations
  • Copy/Delete Depreciation Areas
  • Assign Accounting Principles to Deprecation Areas
  • Specify Transfer of APC Values
  • A Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms
  • Define Deprecation Area for Quantity Update
  • Specify the use of Parallel currency
  • Assign Input Tax Indicator for Non-Taxable Acquisitions
  • Assign Chart of Depreciation to company code
  • Define Deprecation Areas for Foreign Currencies
  • Specify Account Determination
  • Define Number Range Interval
  • Define Asset Classes
  • Integration with the General Ledger
  • Define How Depreciation Areas Post to General Ledgers
  • Additional Account Assignment Objects
  • Activate Account Assignment Objects
  • Specify Account Assignment Types for Account Assignment Objects
  • Integration with G/L Accounts
  • Assign G/L Accounts
  • Specify Posting Key for Asset Posting
  • General Valuation
  • Define Depreciation Area for Quantity Update
  • Specify Transfer of APC Values
  • Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms
  • Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class
  • Define Depreciation Areas for Foreign Currencies
  • Specify the Use of Parallel Currencies
  • Specify Depreciation Areas for Group Assets
  • Specify Asset Classes for Group Assets
  • Define Declining-Balance Methods (Optional)
  • Define Maximum Amount Methods (Optional)
  • Define Multi-Level Methods (Important)
  • Maintain Period Control Methods
  • Maintain Depreciation Key
  • Define the Cutoff Value Key (Optional)
  • Define Maximum Base Value (Optional)
  • Special Valuation
  • Asset Data Transfer-Parameters for Data transfer
  • Define Offsetting Account for Legacy Data Transfer
  • Transfer Foreign Currency Areas
  • Specify How Default Asset Value Date is Determined
  • Define or Assign Forms
  • Define Revenue Distribution for Fixed Asset Retirement
  • Specify Group Depreciation Areas

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Step by Step Configuration Guide to SAP FICO Enterprise Structure

This document covers the configuration steps for enterprise structure in SAP Finance & Controlling module.

  • Enterprise Structure – Definition – Financial Accounting
    • Define Company Code
    • Define Credit Control Area
    • Define Segments
    • Enterprise Structure – Definition – Controlling
    • Maintain Controlling Area
    • Create Operating Concern
  • Enterprise Structure – Assignment
    • Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area
    • Assign Company Code to Controlling Area
  • Financial Accounting Global Settings
    • Define Field Status Variants
    • Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants
    • Maintain Fiscal Year Variant
    • Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant
    • Maintain Posting Period Variant
    • Assign Posting Period Variants to Company Code
  • 2.4.7 Global Parameters for Company Code
    • General Ledger Accounting – Master Data Preparations
    • Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts
    • Define Profit Centre Standard Hierarchy in Controlling Area
    • Define Standard Hierarchy
  • 2.6 Maintain Controlling Area
    • Maintain Controlling Area

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Step by Step Configuration Guide to SAP FI-GL Master Data

This document covers the configuration steps for General Ledger (GL) in SAP Finance module.

  • Create Operating Chart of Accounts – OB13
  • Create GL Account Groups – OBD4
  • Define Retained Earnings Account – OB53

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