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SAPDocs.info, established in 2008 September with a purpose of sharing SAP related information and materials, owned and managed by me, Y. Z. MERCAN

I have studied Industrial Engineering at Marmara University in Istanbul, TURKEY. It was in 2008 summer, I have been interested in SAP during my 60 days training at a Lux Furniture Manufacturer firm, B&T Design. Lucky of me, the firm was on a Go Live phase during my training and i have attended in some end-user training meet ups, also taken on tasks before and after system Goes Live. So my SAP knowledge is reasonably limited compared to consultants, considering their project experiences. Later then, I’ve been working in Thermal Power Plants since 2014, in operation, maintenance and reporting positions.

Most of the information and materials distributed here are collected from other SAP related sites, where i daily follow, read and try to understand. Though being busy with my work, i try to update this site regularly with information for everyone who are interested in SAP.

I hope you always enjoy at SAPDocs.info.

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  1. Words are less to speak, to about this good work.
    If possible can you please include IBP, and GTS modules with training videos.
    Please keep it up.

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