SAP PM Presentation Sample for Oil&Gas Industry

This ppt presentation, prepared for Oil&Gas Industry company, provides an overview of SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), an integrated module within the SAP ERP system for managing maintenance operations. The document covers SAP PM functionality including master data, work order management, preventive maintenance, and integration with materials management and financial accounting.

List of presentation topics covered for SAP Plant Maintenance module are:

  • SAP PM Overview: Outlines the benefits of SAP PM such as industry best practices, integration, improved information quality, and reduced document flow.
  • Master Data: Discusses key PM master data objects like functional locations, equipment, bill of materials, work centers, classifications, characteristics, and measuring points. These define the maintenance objects and attributes.
  • Work Order Management: Explains the processes for creating notifications and work orders, planning, scheduling, executing, settling costs, and reporting on maintenance activities.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Describes setting up maintenance strategies, plans, and items to schedule and perform preventive maintenance.
  • Integration: Highlights integration of PM with Materials Management for material requirements planning and procurement and with Finance for capturing actual costs.

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Predictive Maintenance Process in SAP S/4 HANA: End User Manual

This document provides a comprehensive business user guide and training manual for Predictive Maintenance functionality in the SAP S/4HANA system. It covers the end-to-end predictive maintenance process flow, explaining how to leverage IoT-connected assets to anticipate equipment failures and minimize costly downtime through data-driven insights.

List of content covered in the document are:

  • Creating Measuring Points to define critical assets parameters and acceptable threshold ranges
  • Capturing Sensor Measurement Readings in the system via Measuring Documents
  • Configuring the system to automatically generate Notifications when thresholds are breached
  • Converting Notifications into Predictive Maintenance Orders to schedule preventative work
  • Executing Order Planning, Material Reservations, Settlement & Completion workflows
  • Leveraging Fiori interfaces for streamlined measuring point and document creation

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SAP S/4HANA PM Calibration Maintenance: End User Manual

This document provides training on the calibration maintenance process in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance). It outlines the steps for scheduling, executing, recording, and settling calibration orders to ensure equipment accuracy meets specifications. The guide covers how to assign master instruments, record inspection results, make usage decisions, settle orders, and obtain calibration certificates. It aims to equip SAP PM users to effectively perform calibration upkeep.

List of content covered in the Calibration Maintenance training manual:

  • Maintenance Scheduling Overview: Checking scheduled calibration orders
  • Master Instrument Assignment: Linking equipment to master gauges needed for calibration
  • Releasing and Executing Orders: Releasing orders and recording results versus master standards
  • Usage Decision: Deciding whether equipment passes or fails calibration
  • Settlement: Settling order costs to cost centers after calibration complete
  • Completion and Reporting: Completing orders and generating calibration certificates
  • FIORI Overview: Brief overview of FIORI tile to display master inspection characteristics

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Warranty Configuration in SAP: 11 Step Guide

This PDF document provides an overview of the warranty management configuration in SAP to enable automated tracking of products and services under warranty. It outlines the scope of warranty solutions in SAP, including identifying warranty-covered items, validating claims, defining warranty pricing and invoicing impacts, and monitoring warranty expenses. A typical warranty claim process flow is explained for the automotive industry.

The document then provides a step-by-step guide to configuring warranty claim management in SAP, including defining claim types, assigning number ranges, setting up decision codes, pricing conditions, action matrices to control claim processing statuses, account determination procedures, validations/substitutions, and output determinations for credit notes. Key configuration transaction codes and paths in SAP are listed for each step.

Following step-by-step configuration to be carried out for warranty claim management in SAP:

  1. Define Warranty Claim Type
  2. Assign Number Range for Claim Type
  3. Define Decision Codes
  4. Define Pricing for warranty claim
  5. Maintain Pricing Condition Records
  6. Define Action Matrix for Claim Processing
  7. Define GL Account Determination Procedure for Claim Processing
  8. Assign Pricing, action matrix and GL Account Determination Procedure to Claim Type
  9. Implement Validation/Substitution for claims (Optional)
  10. Define Output Determination for claim credit note
  11. Maintain Output Condition Records

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PM in SAP S/4HANA: Presentation for Basics

This PDF document provides an overview of SAP S/4HANA Plant Maintenance functionality and key processes at a basic level. Plant Maintenance in SAP is used to manage and maintain technical objects such as machines, vehicles, and other equipment.
Key topics covered in the document:

  • Introduction to Plant Maintenance
  • Organization Structure – overview of key organizational units like client, company code, plant, planner group
  • Master Data – Functional Locations, Equipment, Bill of Materials, Task Lists, Work Centers, Measuring Points
  • SAP Plant Maintenance Processes with Flow Charts:
  • Work Clearance Management (Permit to Work) Process in SAP PM

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Breakdown Maintenance Process in SAP PM : End Users Guide (144 Pages PDF)

This SAP User Manual for Breakdown Maintenance(144 pages PDF) provides a comprehensive guide to managing breakdowns and maintenance within the SAP PM system. By following this manual, users can fully manage breakdown processes including equipment selection, notification creation, purchase requisitions, invoice verification, order confirmation, and vendor payment using key SAP transactions for each process.

Key Breakdown Maintenance processes covered in the document are:

  • Equipment Selection: Can be done through various searching parameters using function keys or icons.
  • Notification Creation: Involves entering details like malfunction start date and time, selecting causes, and saving the notification.
  • Purchase Requisitions and Orders: Managed using ME52N, ME23N, and other transactions, including approval workflows.
  • Invoice Verification: Handled through MIR7, including tax details and payment tabs.
  • Order Confirmation and Status Updates: Includes steps like technical closure, status confirmation, and order saving.
  • Vendor Payment: Outlines the process of vendor outgoing payment using F-53 and related transactions .
  • Asset Transfer and Gate Entry: Describes the process of transferring assets within company codes and creating gate entries.
  • Reports and Closure: Includes steps for settlement to cost centers, order closure, and printing checks .

This manual covers the entire breakdown maintenance process cycle end-to-end within SAP, using key transaction codes, and provides detailed instructions for each step involved in the process.

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