SAP APO PPDS Master Data Integration with SAP ECC

This document provides an overview of master data integration and modeling between SAP ECC and APO PPDS systems for production planning and detailed scheduling. It covers mapping of key master data elements like plants, materials, resources, and production versions from ECC to PPDS. Key sections covered in this document are;

  • Master data integration between ECC and PPDS via Core Interface (CIF)
  • Mapping of plants to locations, materials to products, resources and production versions in PPDS
  • Location master data modeling with handling resources
  • Product master data structure in ECC vs PPDS
  • Resource master data transfer and capacity planning
  • Production version transfer as Production Data Structures (PDS)
  • Examples of resource classification, recipe design and constraints mapping through PDS configuration

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SAP GATP Overview Training Presentation (174 Pages PDF)

GATP in SAP stands for Global Available-to-Promise, a functionality in SAP that helps to check the availability of products or resources for customer orders. GATP is part of the SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) module and integrates with other modules such as SD (Sales and Distribution) and PP (Production Planning).

This training pdf document covers four main topics related to GATP: Basic ATP (Available to Promise) Check, Transportation and Shipment Scheduling, Rules Based Availability Check, and Backorder Processing. Each topic is explained with detailed steps and screenshots.

  1. Basic ATP Check: This section explains how an ATP check verifies that a requested product can be provided by the company in the requested quantity and on the requested date. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating a sales order and reviewing the availability and order confirmation situation.
  2. Transportation and Shipment Scheduling: This topic covers how activities are backward scheduled based on the requested delivery date. It provides examples of different cases, such as when the Material Availability Date (MAD) is in the past.
  3. Rules Based Availability Check: This section explains how to create sales orders and review proposals created for various substitute locations. It also covers location substitution, including drop shipment and non-drop shipment.
  4. Backorder Processing: This topic provides instructions for opening the batch backorder processing screen and filling in relevant fields for generating a backorder processing run. It also explains how backorder processing helps in robbing confirmation from lower priority sales orders to satisfy higher priority sales orders.

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SAP APO GATP: Comprehensive Configuration Guide

This configuration guide provides instructions for customization settings required for Global Available To Promise (GATP) in SAP APO.
Configuration steps are covered for following list of each processes with descriptions, IMG Menu Paths and screenshots;

  • Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview
  • GATP Methods Overview (product check, product allocation, and check against forecast, Rules-based ATP (RBA), ATP integrated with production)
  • gATP Configuration Settings in ECC:
    • Define Checking groups
    • Define Material Block for Other Users
    • Define Checking Group For Default Value
    • Carry out Control for Availability Check
    • Define Procedure by Requirement Class
    • Define Procedure for Each Schedule Line Category
    • Define Procedure for Each Delivery Line Item Category
    • Checking Rule for Updating Back Orders
    • Define Default Settings
    • Define Business Transaction
    • Assign Business Transaction to Sales Order Type
  • Process Order / Operations / Availability Check / Checking Group
    • Define Checking Group
    • Define Checking Rule
    • Define Scope of Check
    • Define Checking Control
    • Checking Rule for Backorder Processing
  • gATP Configuration Settings in APO:
    • Maintain Global Settings for Availability Check
    • Define Condition Table
    • Maintain Access Sequences
    • Maintain Condition Type
    • Maintain Rule Strategy
    • Assign Rule Strategy or Rule Strategy Sequence
    • Maintain Filter Type
    • Define Sort Profile

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Configuration Guide to Fiscal Year Variant and Posting Periods in SAP APO

In this guide author explains business terminologies of Fiscal Year, Posting periods and guides how to configure Fiscal Year Variant with Posting Period in SAP APO Forecasting and Replenishment Planning. Highlights from the documents is as:

  • Business Case – Need for Fiscal Year Variant
  • APO Configuration for Fiscal Year Variant (OB29),
  • APO Demand Planning Overview
  • Fiscal Year Variant Setup for APO DP
  • DP Planning Book: Data in Posting Periods
  • Forecasting in Demand Planning with Posting Periods

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SAP APO Global ATP: Overview Presentation

Global ATP in SAP APO provides information on product availability from the entire supply network.

This presentation aims to explain the basic architecture of Global ATP and the OLTP integration scenario. It throws light on the need for the large variety of availability checks in Supply Chain Management and how they can be realized using basic and advanced check methods of this solution.

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