SAP PS Training Manual (519 Pages PDF)

This sample document is a comprehensive guide to using SAP PS. It covers all aspects of SAP PS, from project creation to project settlement. The document is written in a step-by-step format, with screenshots to help you follow along. The document is divided into following main list of topics:

  • Project Creation
  • Investment Management
  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) for Project
  • Enter Tender Values in Project Structure
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget allocation from Project Category
  • Project Budget Planning
  • Project Release
  • Purchase Order (PO/Work Order) Creation
  • Purchase Order (PO/Work Order) Release/Approvals
  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Link to Purchase Order (PO)
  • Receipt of Bank Guarantee from Vendor
  • Excess Quantity in Project Structure
  • Quantity change in PO and Project Structure
  • Extension of Time
  • Maintaining Running Account (RA) Bill
  • Project Settlement
  • OpenText File Management Workflow

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SAP Project Systems Manual

Project Systems module in SAP is a project management tool that provides you with support in all phases of the project. Due to the high level of integration between SAP Project System and other SAP application components, such as Procurement and Logistics execution, SAP Financials, and SAP Human Capital Management, SAP Project System ensures that the necessary business processes are handled quickly and efficiently. SAP PS provides structures that you can use to model and organize projects flexibly. You can plan and monitor dates, costs, revenues, budgets, resources, materials, and so on, in these structures using the relevant tools and reports from SAP PS.

This step-by-step manual guides you through the Project Builder with a Business Example and exemplary tasks with following objectives:

  • Know the various ways of creating and editing work breakdown structures in the Project Builder
  • Editing networks in the Project Builder.
  • Project planning board to manually plan basic dates for the WBS elements in project
  • Scheduling function to plan dates for the activities and WBS elements of project
  • Internal Activity Processing.
  • External Activity Processing
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Transfer
  • Easy Cost Planning
  • Cost Planning via Activities
  • Sales Order and Revenue Planning
  • Commitment and actual costs incurred during the execution phase for projects
  • Actual Dates for WBS Elements
  • Confirming Activities
  • Structure information system for evaluation of Project
  • controlling information system for Analyze of costs in project

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SAP PS End User Manual Set

For each of the following list of processes of SAP Project System (PS), seperate end user training guides are available to download:

  • Project Planning: Release the Project (CJ20N), Change the Orijinal Budget (CJ30), Change Release (CJ32), Planning Cost Elements (CJR2),
  • Project Structuring: Create Project Structure (CJ20N)
  • Project Scheduling: Create Project Structure (CJ20N), Project Scheduling, Project Information System (CN41)
  • Project Controlling: Purchase Requisition Creation in PS (CJ20N), Purchase Release (ME54N), Budget Changes, Internal Order Processing, Outbound Delivery,
  • Drawing Approval
  • Site Management: Receipts / Storage / Issue of Goods through SAP GI/GR transaction,

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Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process in SAP

The purpose of this Project Management course is to explain the Project Management process in SAP. This process includes the steps to create, maintain, monitor and close a project in system. After completing this manual, you will be able to:

  • List the key roles and responsibilities involved in the Project Management process
  • Explain the processes within Project Management
  • Explain Project Systems
  • Create and maintain a project
  • Monitor and close a project
  • Release a project
  • List the reports involved in the Project Management process
  • Create and maintain project templates and profiles

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End User Manual for SAP Project System (PS)

This documents provides end user guide tp SAP Project System module which comprises following topics

  • Project Structuring
    • Project creation from standart template
    • Network addition to project
  • Cost Planning
  • Budget
    • Budget allocation
    • Budget release
    • Budget supplement
    • budget return
  • Status Management
    • Project release
    • WBS release
    • Lock / Unlock WBS
    • Prject close
  • Network Dates
    • Maintaining vendor dates
    • Maintaining actual dates
  • Periodic Settlement
  • Maintaining settlement rule
  • Capitalization (Final settlement)

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SAP PS End User Manual: Step by Step

This manual for SAP Project Systems (PS) module contains all essential information for the end-users to make full use of the system. This manual includes a description of the system with step-by-step procedures explained of the following topics;

  • Basics of Project System in R/3
  • Project Process Flow
  • Create Project Template
  • Create Standard Network
  • Create Project Structure
  • Create Cost Planning
  • Project Scheduling
  • Assigning Material to Project
  • Assigning Service Activities to project
  • Project Budgeting
  • Release Budget
  • Document Management System
  • Project Release for Execution
  • Purchase Requistion Process
  • MRP Run on Project / WBS
  • Project Closing

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SAP PS Configuration Guide

This guide details the various configuration settings for the design of the scenarios, process groups and business processes covered under Project System (PS) module in SAP R/3 .

Project System module contains 2 sections

  • PS Structures
  • PS Others
  • The various configuration settings that are to be made in SAP R/3 Project System can be broadly classified under the following:

    • Structures
    • Costs
    • Dates
    • Material
    • Confirmation
    • Project Versions
    • Progress Versions

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