Find below list of popular tables in SAP Materials Management (MM) module..

MKPFHeader- Material DocumentInventory Management
MSEGDocument Segment- MaterialInventory Management
RESBReservation/dependent requirementsInventory Management
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document ItemsInventory Management
IKPFHeader- Physical Inventory DocumentInventory Management
RKPFDocument Header- ReservationInventory Management
MYMLMLIFO material layer (monthly)Invoice Verification
RBKPDocument header: incoming invoiceInvoice Verification
MYMLLIFO material layerInvoice Verification
MYMPLIFO period stocks, single materialInvoice Verification
RBDRSEGInvoice Verification batch: invoice document itemsInvoice Verification
MYMFTFIFO results tableInvoice Verification
RBCODocument item, incoming invoice account assignment Invoice Verification
MYPLLIFO pool layer Invoice Verification
MYMP1Receipt data LIFO/FIFO valuationInvoice Verification
RBDIFFMEInvoice Verification: quantity differencesInvoice Verification
MYPLMLIFO pool layer (monthly) Invoice Verification
RBDIFFKOInvoice Verification: conditionsInvoice Verification
MASTMaterial to BOM LinkMaster Data
MBEWMaterial ValuationMaterial Master
MLGTMaterial Data for Each Storage TypeMaterial Master
MVKESales Data for materialsMaterial Master
MARCPlant Data for MaterialMaterial Master
MARDStorage Location Data for MaterialMaterial Master
MARAGeneral Material DataMaterial Master
MKOLSpecial Stocks from VendorMaterial Master
MVERMaterial ConsumptionMaterial Master
MCHBBatch StocksMaterial Master
MAKTMaterial DescriptionsMaterial Master
MLANTax Classification for MaterialMaterial Master
MLGNMaterial Data for Each Warehouse NumberMaterial Master
MSKASales Order StockMaterial Master
MARMUnits of Measure for MaterialMaterial Master
MCHABatchesMaterial Master
MAPRMaterial Index for ForecastMaterial Master
T024Purchasing GroupsOrganization&Customizing
T023Mat. groupsOrganization&Customizing
T156Movement TypeOrganization&Customizing
T157HHelp Texts for Movement TypesOrganization&Customizing
ESSRService entry sheet header data Purchasing
ESLHService package header dataPurchasing
ESUCExternal services management: Unplanned limits for contract itemPurchasing
ESLLLines in service package Purchasing
ESUPExternal services management: unplanned limits for service packagesPurchasing
ESKNAccount assignment in service packagePurchasing
ESUSExternal services management: Unplanned limits for service typesPurchasing
ESUHExternal services management: unplanned service limits header dataPurchasing
EKKNAccount Assignment in Purchasing DocumentPurchasing
EBKNPurchase Requisition Account AssignmentPurchasing
EORDPurchasing Source ListPurchasing
EBANPurchase RequisitionPurchasing
EKABRelease DocumentationPurchasing
T161TTexts for Purchasing Document TypesPurchasing
EINEPurchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization DataPurchasing
EIPAOrder price history recordPurchasing
EKKOPurchasing Document HeaderPurchasing
EKUBIndex for Stock Transport Orders for MaterialPurchasing
MDBSMaterial View of Order Item/Schedule Line (good to find open PO's)Purchasing
EKPOPurchasing Document ItemPurchasing
EKPB"Material to be provided" item in purchasing documentPurchasing
EKBZPurchasing document history: delivery costsPurchasing
EKBEHistory per Purchasing DocumentPurchasing
EINAPurchasing Info Record- General DataPurchasing
EKETScheduling Agreement Schedule LinesPurchasing
LFB1Vendor + Company Vendor Master
LFB5Dunning data Vendor Master
MOFFLists what views have not been createdVendor Master
LFA1Vendor General DataVendor Master
LFASVAT registration numbers general sectionVendor Master
LFC1Transaction figures Vendor Master
LFM1Vendor master record purchasing organization dataVendor Master
WYT3Partner FunctionsVendor Master
WYT1Vendor SubrangeVendor Master
LFM2Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data
Vendor Master
WYT1TVendor Sub-Range DescriptionVendor Master
LFC3Special G/L transaction figures Vendor Master
LFBKBank details Vendor Master