SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) paints a complete picture of your business to satisfy the diverse needs of end users, IT professionals, and senior management. It brings together a powerful business intelligence infrastructure, a comprehensive set of tools, planning and simulation capabilities, and data-warehousing functionality delivered through enterprise portal technology.

SAP NetWeaver BI is the answer to integrate data from across the enterprise and beyond, and then transform it into practical, timely information to drive sound decision-making, targeted action, and solid business results.

SAP Netweaver BI supports:

  • Data Warehousing: Data Warehouse Management; Business Modelling; and Extraction, Transformation, and loading enables you to build data warehouses, model information architecture according to business structure, and manage data from multiple sources.
  • Business Intelligence: Online Analytical Processing, Data Mining, and alerts provide a foundation for accessing and presenting data, searching for patterns, and identifying exceptions.
  • Business Planning: A BI planning framework with secure workflow capabilities supports Microsoft Excel or Web-based planning and budgeting based on consolidated corporate data for bottom-up or top-down planning.
  • Business Insights: Query design, reporting and analysis, and Web application design allows you to create analysis reports, support decisions at every level, and present Business Intelligence applications on the Web.
  • Measurement and Management: Business-content management, metadata management, and collaborative business intelligence monitor progress, provide reporting templates, ensure consistent data, and help decision-makers work together.
  • Open hub services: Open hub services features enable the delivery of high-quality, audited enterprise information through Web services to applications. Bulk data exchange, Change Data Capture (CDC), and modeling features streamline deployment and enable cost-effective operations.
  • Information Broadcasting: Information broadcasting features support the distribution of mass information to large audiences in a personalized and secure manner. You can broadcast information as an offline document or live report through personalized e-mail or on the Internet, according to a scheduled or key events.
  • Accelerated Business Intelligence: Based on compressions, parallel in-memory processing, and search technologies, the SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator functionality improves the performance of queries, reduces administration tasks, and shortens batch processes. Developed as an appliance on Intel processors, the accelerator provides consistently fast response times, even as data volumes, number of users, and analytics increase.