Period Closing in SAP ECC 6.0: A Reference Guide

With this reference guide you will learn steps required to perform and automate period closing in SAP ERP 6.0. Detailed instructions with clear step-by-step guide will help you carry out all necessary tasks efficiently and precisely. See the content below:

  • Overview: Required Activities in SAP ERP Period Closing
  • Opening Posting Period [OB52]
  • Period Closing [OMSY]: Manual Procedure [MMPV], Automatic Scheduling [SE38] / RMMMPERI (Program Name), [SM37]
  • Post Depreciation Runs
  • Settle CO Objects to Profitability Analysis

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Difference Between Account based PA and Costing Based PA

Account based Profitability analysis is a form of Profitability analysis (PA) that uses accounts as its base and has an account based approach. It uses costs and revenue elements.

Costing based Profitability Analysis is a form of profitability analysis that groups costs and revenues according to value fields and costing based valuation approaches. The cost and revenues are shown in value fields.

COPA Report Troubleshooting in SAP

Profitability Analysis reports (COPA module) has to deal with huge amount of characteristics such as products, product hierarchy, customers, country, profit center and many more characteristics. This can cause performance issues while executing the COPA reports (KE30) over a period of time. The reports can take a longer time for execution and sometimes even give an abap run time error.

In this document the different problems you normally face in execution of the COPA reports and the solution to these problems are covered. Read more