New Asset Accounting Configuration in SAP S4/HANA [PDF – 142 Pages]

New Asset Accounting in SAP S4 HANA, often known as sub ledger accounting, is a crucial sub-module of the SAP Financial (SAP-FI) module.
In this step-by-step SAP FI-AA configuration guide [pdf], you will find clear descriptions with screenshots, including SPRO paths from SAP S4 HANA screens;

  • Copy Reference chart of Depreciation (EC08)
  • G/L Indicators
  • Parallel Currency for company code (OB22)
  • Assign Chart Of depreciation to company code
  • Assign non-Taxable/ Exempted Tax Code to the company code (OBCL)
  • Define Screen layout for Asset depreciation Areas
  • Define Asset Classes
  • Depreciation Terms (Definition of Base Method, Declining –Balance method, Multi level method,
  • Period Control Method)
  • Cut-off key (Salvage Value/ Scrap Value)
  • Maintain Depreciation Key
  • Set Chart of Deprecation
  • Generate period control
  • Define Integration with the G/L Settings
  • Specify posting key for Asset Posting
  • Specify document type for posting of depreciation
  • Specify intervals and posting rules
  • Account A/c Assignment objects
  • Specify Account Assignment Type for Account Assignment object
  • Asset Transaction types

Download PDF [142 Pages]- SAP S4 HANA FI Asset Accounting Configuration Guide

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