Optimizing ABAP for SAP HANA: A Three-Step Approach

ABAP is an integral part of SAP customer and partner environments, with a vast amount of business-critical data present in ABAP-based systems such as SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW), and on-demand offerings from SAP. These environments can benefit from the accelerated processing and analysis supported by SAP’s in-memory database technology offering, SAP HANA. Applications that use SAP HANA follow the “code to data” paradigm in which calculation logic is pushed down from the application server to the database server. The SAP HANA database then performs the calculations and sends the resulting data set back for use by an application. Operations that require high-performance access to mass data can be delegated to SAP HANA while operations used to manage and integrate business processes remain on SAP Net Weaver AS ABAP. Finally, SAP has developed a staged, three-step approach to optimizing SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP for SAP HANA that will help customers and partners gradually integrate in-memory innovation without risking their existing implementations.
After reading this document, you will be able to:

  • Know about the basics of SAP ABAP and SAP HANA
  • Optimization techniques for SAP HANA Database
  • How to access SAP HANA through ABAP applications
  • Basics for migrating ABAP code to SAP HANA
  • Different performance and functional checks
  • About different performance analyzer tools

Download – Optimizing ABAP for SAP HANA: A Three-Step Approach

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