Configuration Guide to Payment Process in SAP MM

SAP provides an automatic option for the payment program that consists on the payment request and its handling towards the conversion to a payment document. This payment program allows the companies to create documents to vendors, customers, and even G/L accounts, as well as to generate other documents that may be used to exchange with other systems, such as a bank’s system.

This option consists on creating payments based on requests instead of open items. Payment requests are blocked so that users can filter and select which of them will go on through the payment process.

At the end of this procedure, users will be able to manage payment block indicators, define clearing accounts per bank and payment methods, establish differences in dates that may occur between payment requests, payment creation and value date in house banks all based on factory calendars.

  • Define global settings [F8BG]
  • Define number ranges for payment requests [F8BM]
  • Define payment blocking indicators for accounting documents [S_ALR_87001743]
  • Define clearing accounts for receiving bank for acct. transfer [S_ALR_87001755]
  • Define ALE compatible payment methods [S_ALR_87001834]
  • Define bank clearing account determination [S_ALR_87001860]
  • Define diff. in days between value date of house/partner bank [S_ALR_87001895]
  • Define factory calendar per currency [S_ALR_87001909]
  • Define number of days between payment run date and value date at house bank [S ALR 87099738]
  • Define clearing accounts for cross-count bank account transfers [S_PLO_09000090]

Download – Configuration Guide to Payment Process in SAP MM

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