SAP PP-PI: Basic Overview Guide

This document is a detailed guide that provides a basic understanding of the Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI) in SAP, primarily designed for batch-oriented process manufacturing in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and batch-oriented electronics.

The document explains the concept of PP-PI, which supports integrated planning of production, waste disposal, and transport activities within a plant. It also facilitates the integration of plants within the company, both vertically through an information flow and horizontally through the coordination of planning between production plants, recycling and waste disposal facilities, and production laboratories.

The guide then delves into a full-cycle scenario of SAP PP-PI, providing practical examples of creating material masters, bills of material, resources, master recipes, production versions, material allocation, standard costing, planned independent requirements, and running MRP. It also explains the process of updating stocks of raw materials, converting planned orders to process orders, checking material availability, releasing orders, issuing goods, confirming orders, receiving goods, calculating variances, doing settlements, and completing TECO.

Download – SAP PP-PI: Basic Overview Guide

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