Stock Transfer Process in SAP S/4HANA

This document provides an overview of the complete cycle of the Stock Transfer Process in SAP S4H. The process includes the creation of a reservation, reservation approval, transfer posting, and placement in storage.

The following are the key processes involved in the Stock Transfer Process:

  • Create Reservation:
    • Users can enter the transaction code MB21 or navigate through the menu path to create a reservation.
    • The reservation specifies the materials to be transferred, the quantity to be transferred, and the source and destination plants.
  • Reservation Approval:
    • The reservation goes through multiple approval levels, with notifications sent to the respective approvers.
    • This ensures that only authorized personnel can approve stock transfers.
  • Transfer Posting:
    • Users can use the transaction code MIGO to handle transfer postings.
    • The transfer posting records the movement of materials from the source plant to the destination plant.
  • Place In-Storage:
    • This process involves selecting the “Place in Storage” option in the MIGO transaction and entering the relevant material document.
    • This ensures that the materials are physically placed in the destination plant’s storage location.

Download – Stock Transfer Process in SAP S/4HANA

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