Warranty Configuration in SAP: 11 Step Guide

This PDF document provides an overview of the warranty management configuration in SAP to enable automated tracking of products and services under warranty. It outlines the scope of warranty solutions in SAP, including identifying warranty-covered items, validating claims, defining warranty pricing and invoicing impacts, and monitoring warranty expenses. A typical warranty claim process flow is explained for the automotive industry.

The document then provides a step-by-step guide to configuring warranty claim management in SAP, including defining claim types, assigning number ranges, setting up decision codes, pricing conditions, action matrices to control claim processing statuses, account determination procedures, validations/substitutions, and output determinations for credit notes. Key configuration transaction codes and paths in SAP are listed for each step.

Following step-by-step configuration to be carried out for warranty claim management in SAP:

  1. Define Warranty Claim Type
  2. Assign Number Range for Claim Type
  3. Define Decision Codes
  4. Define Pricing for warranty claim
  5. Maintain Pricing Condition Records
  6. Define Action Matrix for Claim Processing
  7. Define GL Account Determination Procedure for Claim Processing
  8. Assign Pricing, action matrix and GL Account Determination Procedure to Claim Type
  9. Implement Validation/Substitution for claims (Optional)
  10. Define Output Determination for claim credit note
  11. Maintain Output Condition Records

Download PDF – Warranty Configuration in SAP: 11 Step Guide

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