Split Valuation in SAP: Configuration & End User Manual with Practical Examples

This document, created by an SAP MM consultant, Khaled Fouda, provides a comprehensive guide on configuring and using split valuation in SAP Materials Management (MM). Split valuation allows companies to maintain separate stock values for the same material based on different criteria such as procurement type, country of origin, or quality. This feature is particularly useful when a company sources the same material from multiple suppliers or locations with varying costs or when dealing with materials of different qualities or conditions. The document covers the concept behind split valuation, the necessary customizing settings, and a step-by-step walkthrough of the configuration process. It also illustrates the practical application of split valuation through examples involving the creation of materials, purchase orders, and stock transfers between valuation types.

Key steps covered in the document:

  1. Introduction to Split Valuation and its use cases
  2. Settings for Split Valuation in Customizing
    • Defining valuation categories and types
    • Assigning valuation categories to plants
  3. SAP Configuration Steps
    • Activating split valuation [OMWO]
    • Configuring global valuation types and categories
    • Defining local valuation category settings per plant
  4. Practical Examples
    • Creating a material with split valuation
    • Creating purchase orders for different valuation types
    • Stock overview and movements
    • Transferring stock between valuation types (Movement Type 309)
    • Financial impact of stock transfers

Download PDF – Split Valuation in SAP: Configuration & End User Manual with Practical Examples

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