Stopping Payment With Cancellation of Invoice in SAP

Accounts Payable vendor checks are created in the SAP system via automatic payment program execution (transaction F110) or via manual check generation (transactions F-53 and FCH5). Sometimes there are business scenarios where a check must be voided in the SAP system. For example, a check may have ripped during printing or was reported as stolen. The Accounts Payable (AP) Supervisor or Lead will be notified of the need to void an AP check(s). The Supervisor or Lead will verify the business requirement and complete the Cancel Check Payment (FCH8) transaction in SAP. It is important to note that the FCH8 transaction not only voids the check but also reverses the payment document. Because the payment document is reversed, the corresponding invoice(s) are put back to an open status in the system. The open invoice will then be included on the next automatic payment program run or can be cleared manually via transaction F-53 and FCH5 (Quicken check).

It is important to record the voided check in SAP using transaction FCH8 because this transaction updates the check register information and accordingly, the next positive payment file will include the current voided check information.

It is also important to note that if the voided checks are physically in the AP Supervisor’s or Lead’s possession, after voiding the check, the AP Supervisor or Lead must destroy the checks.

Find below an end-user manual for this process

Download – Stopping Payment With Cancellation of Invoice in SAP

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