An Overview of SAP Enhancement Packages

SAP provides optionally installable Enhancement Packages which allows you to get innovations including new functional enhancements, simplifications, ES(Enterprise Services) Bundles on top of SAP ERP 6.0 without upgrading system.  In terms of effect, SAP Enhancement packages are lightweight compared to upgrades. You can view Enhancement Package contents by visiting SAP Service Marketplace. EhPs are cumulative, that is they are built on top of each other.  E.g, Installation of Enhancement Package 4 covers also previous EHP1, EHP2 and EHP3, so you don’t need to install previous packages seperately. Most common confuse about EHPs is of its function with Support Packages. EHPs are optional and contain new functionalities while Support Packages are mandatory and contain bug fixes.

The latest ES bundles currently in Ramp-up are delivered with the Year-End Shipments 2008, including SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP CRM 7.0.

How to find which Enhancement Package your system has?
You can find your EHP version through System\Status\Software Components. To give an example

EA_HR 600 corresponds to standart version SAP ERP 6.0
EA_HR 602 corresponds to SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 2.

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