SAP HR Training and Event Management User Manual

The Training and Event Management component has a wide range of powerful functions to enable you to plan and manage all kinds of business events from training events to conventions simply and efficiently.

Its flexible reporting and appraisal functions  provide you with important decision support feedback to ensure that the business events you offer are both high quality and effective.

Training and Event Management is an integral part of SAP HR and has interfaces to all of the relevant SAP application components, making it a basis for extending and updating your employees’ skills and knowledge. Integration with  Personnel Development lets you convert training proposals directly into bookings for employees with qualification deficits or needs. The reference manual document covers following topics:

Business Event Preparation

  • Create all of the necessary master data (such as resources)
  • Set up a hierarchically structured business event catalog

Business Event Catalog

  • Determine demand for events and plan event dates based on demand
  • Create and plan business event dates
  • Calculate business event costs and propose prices
  • Cancel business events

Day-to-Day Activities:

  • Process all types of booking activities: book, prebook, replace, rebook, and cancel attendance (levy cancellation fees optionally)
  • Prioritize bookings
  • Book individual and group attendees
  • Check attendees for attendance prerequisites and time conflicts etc.
  • Output correspondence automatically or manually
  • Use standard letter/mail merge functions
  • Use multiple correspondence templates

Recurring Activities

  • Generate attendance lists
  • Output confirmation of attendance notifications
  • Appraise attendees
  • Appraise business events
  • Follow up business events (e.g. transfer qualifications for successful attendance)

Activity Allocation and Billing

  • Perform actual cost transfer posting for event costs
  • Perform internal activity allocation for attendance fees


  • Request reports for all relevant data on attendance, business events, and resources

Download – SAP HR Training and Event Management User Manual

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