How to Execute Report Painter Reports Properly

Report Painter reports are available throughout your SAP system, including for reporting in FI, Controlling (CO), Project System (PS), Funds Management (FI-FM), and Logistic Information System (LIS). From a technical perspective, you can assign one or multiple Report Painter reports to a report group. You can then execute the report group using transaction GR55.

However, most organizations prefer to assign report authorizations by transaction code and therefore create individual transaction codes for each report. Then you have to transport the new transaction throughout the system landscape to execute the Report Painter report in your different systems (e.g., development or production). 

Users often create transaction codes to execute Report Painter reports and then receive an error  message when trying to transport them. See how to avoid this by correctly creating transaction codes for Report Painter reports.

Download How to Guide for Executing Report Painter Reports Properly

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